Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#Radioactive Beef from Fukushima: Osaka Finds 4,350 Becquerels/Kg Cesium in Beef from Minami Soma

Putting Yomiuri and Asahi together, this is the latest picture of the radioactive beef from the cattle farm in Minami Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture. Yomiuri doesn't say the exact number for radioactive cesium, and Asahi doesn't say where it was detected. Business as usual at the MSM:

  • The beef from the meat cows sold by this particular cattle farm has been sold in at least 12 prefectures, with 428 kilograms (944 pounds) of it consumed at least in 8 prefectures.

  • The Osaka prefectural government announced it had found 4,320 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in the meat from one of the two cows that was sold by a meat dealer in Osaka. The meat from the other cows also tested 3,710 becquerels/kg.

  • None of the municipalities are going to disclose which meat shops or supermarkets or restaurants have sold the meat. "The provisional safety limit assumes the continuous consumption for a year. If you eat it only once, there is no need to worry at all," says the Tokyo Metropolitan government.

Well, if only people knew they ate only once.

So now, nearly 9 times the provisional safety limit, which already assumes 5 millisieverts/year radiation, is considered totally OK by the government officials. They are sanctioning, therefore, 45 millisieverts/year radiation for the Japanese residents and declaring it's no big deal.

Japan has always been fond of calling an event or news or phenomenon as "Ichi-oku" - something. "Ichi-oku" is 100 million in Japanese unit, the number of the total Japanese population. Now they have "Ichi-oku so genpatsu rodosha 一億総原発労働者" - the entire population of Japan becoming nuke plant workers.

If you read Japanese, here's what Mainichi has come up with as to where this beef has gone and how much. Again, no name of the stores or restaurants. I'll look around on Twitter if anyone leaked.


Anonymous said...

actually some of the supermarkets that sold the meat in Shikoku are known.The Fuji chain.

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