Sunday, August 7, 2011

#Contaminated Water Treatment System Comes to a Dead Stop (Again)

The pumps failed, and TEPCO doesn't know why. Some of the pumps for Kurion's system stopped, and couldn't be restarted. One of the pumps in Areva's system that feed chemicals stopped, and the backup pump didn't work. The entire system is down.

From NHK Japanese (12:30PM JST 8/7/2011):


The contaminated water treatment system at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant has been unstable, but on August 7 morning, the system was stopped after the pumps stopped and the backup pump failed.

... ところが、7日午前7時すぎ、汚染水の浄化設備のうち放射性セシウムなどを取り除くアメリカ製の装置で、汚染水を送る一部のポンプが突然停止し、再起動もできなくなりました。

About 7AM on August 7, some of the pumps that transport contaminated water in the US-made system [Kurion's] that removes radioactive cesium and other nuclides suddenly stopped, and couldn't be re-started.


Then about 8AM, a pump that feeds chemicals to the water stopped in the French-made [AREVA's] system, and the backup pump also failed. The entire water treatment system has stopped.


Water injection to the reactor continues with the water that have already been treated, according to TEPCO. The treatment system continues to be unstable. On August 4, a different pump stopped temporarily, and on August 5 an alarm sounded off and the system stopped.


TEPCO has added a new treatment system [made by Toshiba] for more stable operation of the system, but since the water level is very close to the limit in the storage area [Central Waste Processing Facility] TEPCO has delayed the test run of the new system so that they can treat more contaminated water.


TEPCO is looking into the cause of the trouble, and is trying to get the system back online quickly.


Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Enformable ( - August 5, 10:41 PM
Japans Secret Radioactive Dumps: Citizens Offered No Assistance With Waste That Hit Max Measurement of Dosimeter

Anonymous said...

Your Asahi link appears to be referring to this effort,

Entire area of major city 60km from Fukushima meltdown to be decontaminated — Officials expect process may take 20 years

Steve From Virginia said...

Tepco does not seem to know high radiation environments cause machine failures.

Tepco does not understand pouring water into reactor buildings causes increased radiation outside the buildings as steam condenses and leaves radioactive particles behind.

Tepco plays games w/ reactors as radiation increases. It won't be long before plant is too 'hot' for anyone to work in the area and the plant abandoned.

Anonymous said...

''pouring water into reactor buildings causes increased radiation outside''

I can see this going on. Water with radionuclides, as black rain, deposit radionuclides or hot particules. The more it spread, the more radionuclides spread, the more the radiation is increasing. Basic chimistry.

how can the world let them creates this hell?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is done by guesswork or by accident. There is way too much money involved here. TEPCO is very knowledgeable about how to make this circus seem like a comedy of errors!

Money first, lives second, and workers don't matter. Remember your standing in this scheme of things....

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