Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#Fukushima Children Know Radiation Contamination in Fukushima

and want to bring clean water and vegetables as souvenir for their parents after the summer camp.

From the tweets by @s_kiyoe, who set up a summer camp (in Shizuoka Prefecture, I think, judging by the town's name but I could be wrong) for children in Fukushima Prefecture. The original tweets are in Japanese:!/s_kiyoe/status/100535288274763776

Our fun-filled summer camp was finally over. We all cried at parting, because they didn't want to go back, and we didn't want them to go back to Fukushima under the current situation. Many Fukushima children were collecting empty plastic bottles. They said they wanted to fill the bottles with clean, safe water that they drank at the camp and bring them to their parents.!/s_kiyoe/status/100540605972754432

The bus arrived at the temple [where the camp was held] to take the children back to Fukushima. We asked them, "Where would you like to go to buy souvenirs?" They answered "Please take us where we can buy locally-grown vegetables, not supermarkets." Safe vegetables for their families.!/s_kiyoe/status/100592597160046592  

The last day of the camp. A child from Tokyo said to a child from Fukushima, "Now it's my turn to visit you in Fukushima!" The child from Fukushima suddenly looked serious and said "You'd better not come to Fukushima right now." How could this be allowed? These children went back to the very place they just told others not to go.


Anonymous said...

I would say its very sad, but very brave of them.

They know that they are going back to hard times, but they think of their families and others before themselves.
Warriors of a new age.

The leaders of Japan were/are incapable of this.

If R.Reagan can be President of USA, Takeshi Kitano can be PM of Japan.
And make his predecessors pay for what they did.

akaider said...

kids are smarter than the adults!

Anonymous said...

Physical effects inside, one wonders what growing up in the knowledge/belief that they are living in a poisoned world over many years will do to their mental condition. Chernobyl has shown the psychological effects to be immense - suicides, alcoholism, "waiting for cancer". I feel sorry for the kids, innocence lost.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this makes me want to cry. This is so wrong.

doitujin said...

i've tears in the eyes again...

Anonymous said...

I am so furious that its difficoult to find words that will cover this atrosetys and blatant killing of children in Japan.

They, the children are way beyound the grownups in this matter, and they even know the price they have to pay. And still they go back to the radioactiv waste land, to help they familys back home.
Even a samurai of the old school know and sees the bravery and the comitments to help and suport the comunety, and their family back home.
As true worriors, a class that died out a long time ago.
We can only fall on our knees in repect for them, alldoe they are sent back to sertain damages and even to fatal outcomes.
And face No mercy.
They are in no possition to fight back, and must rely on the grownups, crownups who prefer to thrusth their heads into the sand, and refuses to see the reality.
Radiation is damaging without mercy, never forgett that.

And status to day is that the children have to place their future and the future of the land in the hands of corrupt chriminals and the supportes of chrimes againt humanity.

How low is it possible to fall, the gov in Japan and TEPCO have taken it to new depths.

I am stunned and it brakes my hart to witnes this.

Anonymous said...

So, the Fukushima children are more intelligent than their parents! They know trouble and understand radiation effect more than the politicians and "experts".

Well adults, by sending your children into this glowing mess, realize that you are causing them to have an earlier death....great parenting....

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for the children of Japan.

Anonymous said...

we are thinking to you everyday,
carole, france

Anonymous said...

At what point do responsible and intelligent people of the world intervene and remove the criminals and idiots from positions of power?

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