Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yukio Edano to Become the New Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

OK, I struck the "rumor" part. It is true, if Yomiuri Shinbun is dedicated to truth.

Yomiuri Shinbun (11:25AM JST 9/12/2011):


Prime Minister Noda decided informally on September 12 that ex-Chief Cabinet Minister Yukio Edano will become the new Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry after Yoshio Hachiro who resigned.

Criminal incompetency gets rewarded. Cynicism to the extreme is my first reaction.

He will be formally appointed as the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry after the appointment ceremony at the Imperial Residence tonight (September 12).

Let's see, of the "identical nuke triplets" (from left, Edano, Kaieda, Hosono), Goshi "Everyone should share the pain of Fukushima" Hosono remains to be the minister in charge of the nuke accident and he is now the Minister of the Environment who's about to create a "decontamination" bubble and whose ministry will regulate the nuke industry starting next year

, and now Yukio "No immediate effect on health" Edano will be the head of METI. Only one left to get promoted is Kaieda, but he was supposed to become the Prime Minister but failed in the vote. I think that was the plan: Kaieda as PM, Edano and Hosono in the key positions.


That ministry is one of the most powerful, always has been.

This one is even worse than the previous "rumor" that the ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary is going to be the chief justice of the Judge Impeachment Court.

I'm looking for a confirmation.

How can Japan become more cynical? A lot, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Some good Noda is going to do. What the hell was the point of Kan resigning again? Oh right, there was none...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

The point of Kan resigning was so that Kan could start rewriting the history right away. He's still doing the media blitz, the latest was NHK.

STeVe the JeW said...

i was always more of a MITI type of guy... lol

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