Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano to Become Chief Justice of the Judge Impeachment Court?

It is just a rumor floating around, for now. Could be true, could be false. Or as many would say, "Who cares?"

Yukio Edano, who in the early days of the nuclear crisis successfully assured the Japanese that there would be no "immediate effect on health" from the radiation and radioactive materials coming out of the broken reactors at Fukushima, may be set to become the chief justice in the Judge Impeachment Court.

Edano is a lawyer by training.

The rumor says the informal decision has already been made. The Judge Impeachment Court is made up of judges who are the members of the Diet (Lower House and Upper House). Right now, the chief justice position is vacant, after the chief justice Makino became the new vice minister of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

If it's true, it is an interesting job to take after having been in one of the most powerful position in the administration. Some say it is to keep an eye on the judges in the Japanese court system who will soon preside over lawsuits relating to the damages from the nuclear accident.


Anonymous said...

(cr here)

There is no end to the evil of wealthy psychopaths in suits.

How can the ordinary citizens of any country get these organized criminals out of power without just attracting more of the same to take their places?
"Power corrupts".

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