Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#Radioactive Turf in Nursery School in Akita Prefecture

The willful ignorance, or the determination to carry on with their lives they knew before March 11, of many Japanese is driving me crazy.

A nursery school in Akita Prefecture bought turf from Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located south of Fukushima Prefecture and was doused with radioactive materials by downwind from Fukushima I Nuke Plant creating areas with high radiation, in middle of July. Small children were playing on the freshly installed turf. Then the city came and measured the air radiation level. Guess what. It was high.


From Yomiuri Shinbun local Akita version (9/8/2011):


Yokote City in Akita Prefecture announced on September 7 that the air radiation level above the turf in the school yard at Soai Nursery School (118 children) was 0.135 microsievert/hr, exceeding the normal maximum level in Akita Prefecture of 0.086 microsievert/hr. The school didn't open on September 7, and removed the turf.


The city had been measuring the air radiation levels since September 5 at 56 facilities including nursery schools. The survey done at this particular nursery school on September 5 revealed abnormal levels at 1 centimeter from the surface of the turf, 50 centimeters, and 1 meter. There was no abnormality outside the turfed area.


The turf was bought by a landscaping contractor in Yokote City from a dealer in Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture. 800 square meters of the school yard were covered with the turf on July 21. The contractor removed the turf on September 7 and measured the radiation, which was then dropped to normal levels.


The city says "We don't think it is a dangerous level, but we want to be cautious".


The city plans to measure the radiation on September 8, and if there is no abnormal reading the nursery school will open on September 9. The city will measure the density of radioactive materials in the removed turf.

No news of what happened to the turf or what kind of radioactive material density it had.


Anonymous said...

Turf is on a one way trip to Yokohama…


Anonymous said...

Hmm,Dango,dango will you ever love again..

Anonymous said...

Tsukuba was quite radiated according to previous reports. May be they should have gotten turf from lower down south.

Richard said...

Dear ex-skf

".. is driving me crazy"

You are not alone. Obviously.. that's why we are here watching your blog every hour of the day.

I have moments during my day where the potential of this dire situation almost overwhelms me and I'll have strong emotions in a particular direction, depending on the unravelling thoughts.

From nuke craziness, to lying policitians and scientists, and corporates and the general community nonchalance - it flies in the face of all that was drummed into us (well, me and my peers) of the horrid dangers of nuclear fallout.

I am not in Japan. I try to think if I'd go to Japan to protest. I don't know if I can.. and protesting in my own country, Australia, will have no effect on deaf and ignorant ears. Australia mined a lot of the uranium and sells it to the world. We live a healthy existence (mostly) - while children die from depleted uranium in Iraq. Our prosperity, and Japan's, ride on the trauma, destruction and death that uranium spreads thru the entire world.

It's all crazy. I do remain sane every day. I try to remind maybe one person each day of the scale of fuku. "What, three reactors are in meltdown?" they often ask in surprise, followed, "I thought it was all done and dusted".

Personally, if I had to question every morsel of food, every drop of water, every breath I would simply be leaving - exile. No matter the cost. Start walking and swimming or whatever it takes. The alternative is possibly starvation or radiation poisoning.

Over six months now. That's how long it took for the chief radio operator Mr. Aikichi Kuboyama, to die from the Bikini Atoll 'Daigo Fukuryū Maru' accident.


That was acute exposure though. How different is the 'dosage' today?

Anyway, I want to simply say, I understand you on the "driving me crazy" bit. But ranted on.

Anonymous said...

The gouvernment will regulate properly onnly after loosing lawsuits in 40 years from now. Then it will be too late, until then, it is the law of the jungle that prevail, up to the lucky ones to escape without harm.

Anonymous said...


Fort Calhoun robbing Peter to pay Paul over flood damage.

"Not all the news, though, was good. Damage assessment at the flood-idled Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station is pointing to a longer-than-hoped outage.

Initially, David Bannister, vice president and chief nuclear officer, had said that if all went well, the plant could fire up in September. November has become the new target, though the schedule could move again, he said.

The damage assessment is finding a mixed bag. Some systems fared better than expected, he said, some worse. The final damage tally won't be known until after the assessments."


Anonymous said...

Why not simply plant a lawn from seeds? Barley could do well, or low clumping grass like Fescue, perhaps. Or plant a garden. Send some produce to the Tepco workers for bento, too.

Anonymous said...

I am SICK of hearing stories about how people "think" that their area is so contaminated! Come to Kashiwa, thats where I am. The air is a constant 0.30+ µSv/h! The ground is over 2.50µSv/h everywhere and the center of the streets is 0.80µSv/h!! Not to mention hots spots over 5.77µSv/h! Come get some! Just go to youtube and search for radiation + Kashiwa, there are tons of videos, as well as the Cancer Research Center in Kashiwa posts the daily radiation levels from the air which is around 0.30µSv/h everyday, and before the "event" it was 0.08µSv/h. look for yourself. . http://www.ncc.go.jp/jp/shinsai/sokutei_ncce.html

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, I am SICK of your crybaby spamming in every thread. If you don't like living in radioactive Kashiwa, then LEAVE- no matter what the difficulty or cost! But stop your typical Japanese victim-mentality whining.

Anonymous said...

I live in the same area, but not only that I am in the "2000 CPM Hotspot Line" within the hotspot. I can get 1µSv/h readings on some paths in front of the house at 1m height.


PS: you shouldn't measure in µSv on the ground, use CPM. But if you care I get 6µSv/h on the ground and I have measured hotspots (drain pipes) with 25µSv/h.

And yes, I am moving, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Yomiuri link is broken. :(

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