Sunday, September 11, 2011

TEPCO Video Explains the Reactor Cooling System at Fukushima I Nuke Plant

TEPCO is on the PR blitz of some sort. Now, the first series of the blitz is "How do we achieve and maintain cold shutdown?" (「冷温停止の実現と維持はどうやって実施するのですか?」), and the company released the first video of the series titled "The setup and operation of the reactor cooling system".

It can be viewed or downloaded at TEPCO's site, but I embedded the video from Youtube below. The video is in Japanese only, but take a look at the "system" made up of jumbled flexible hoses (Kanaflex) snaking their way through the plant compound. The person who explains the system for you is Junichi Matsumoto, TEPCO's spokesman for the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident.

For readers who read Japanese, for your weekend fun: Turn on the Transcribe Audio feature of the video. You get to see some hilarious kanji characters assigned for the phonetic pronunciation, or phonetic pronunciation that Google mishears. Some fun words I noticed:

  • "Chusui" - water injection, is transcribed as "Appendix"

  • "Nanbah-ichi" - number 1, is transcribed as "Nanba (place name in Osaka) 1"

  • "Roshin" - reactor core, is transcribed as "credit union"

  • "Ponpu" - pump, is transcribed as "high school"

  • "Sai Rinkai" - recriticality, is transcribed as "recent household"

  • "Tadachi ni Hosan-sui o chunyu suru" - immediately inject boric acid solution, is transcribed as "only the locally made products is injected"


Anonymous said...

reactor core as credit union. hilarious

It's my personal theory that Google flags controversial websites and rather than have those sites use a Google software product, those sites are actually handled by a carbon-based ITbot.

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Further fuel, this is an international website, and as such is monitored by the NSA.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Some long awaited disaster humor.

Elaine said...

They're still using fire trucks to pump? Wow. Just wow.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Elaine, the fire trucks are there for backup when all else fails. Or so they say.

Anonymous said...

Who is he making this presentation to?

I see one guy sitting there and all the other chairs you see are empty !!

That makes it even funnier. imo

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