Saturday, October 8, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 1 Aerial Video

This may be your last chance to see Reactor 1 from the top, before TEPCO manages to cover the whole reactor building up.

The video was taken on October 3 when TEPCO did the dust sampling of the air above Reactor 1, and released on October 8. You can download the video for yourself at TEPCO's "Photos for Press" page, or view it here:

This diagram from TEPCO shows the camera angle in relation to the reactor, spent fuel pool, and drier separator pit:

Watching the video, I don't quite understand how TEPCO or the government can claim they watered the Spent Fuel Pool. How? Do you see the pool?


Anonymous said...

"Do you see the pool?"

The pool used to be above the reactor, 10.000 tons lifted on the most shaky point of the bldg waiting for 'action'.

Its now seen [only] in TEPCO schematics ... being on the bottom.

Only issue with that dwg is, scale is missing for sm reason. Is it now 500m below the surface with the boiling plutonium mass - or even more deep e.g. 'stable'?

Atomfritz said...

If I remember correctly, one of Tepcos first actions was to transport masses of big batteries into the control rooms to be able to read some important sensors.

So I think they calculated from the measured temperatures and the ratio of the water inflow how much the water level probably was.

But I am sure nobody there really knows what kinds of garbage now accompany the spent fuel.

This could cause further problems, for example sedimentation that could isolate parts of the fuel from the water.
However, their main concern probably is the SFP of reactor 4 as it contains almost ten times as much fuel as at unit 1. Additionally, the spent fuel stored at unit 1 is said to be quite old, and so not developing (relatively) much heat compared to the stuff at unit 4.

But, if any one of the pools runs empty, there will be probably a chain reaction of the other pools going ablaze also, because the fire's air plume would be extremely radioactive, not to think of all the hot spots at the plant area.
So probably nobody would dare to help in case of a fuel fire and Fuku I would be left alone, burning out and dwarfing Chernobyl releases with the many reactor loads of fuel burning.

Then Prof. Allison's suggestions to allow everybody 100mSv/month will probably come real, just because of lack of choice..

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