Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soil Survey of Watari District, Fukushima City Shows 5 Times Cesium Concentration in One Location

compared to the survey done in June.

From Professor Tomoya Yamauchi's survey result dated October 5, 2011, as published by the "FoE Japan":

Survey results 計測結果

(1) Ogura-ji Inariyama 小倉寺稲荷山
Cs-134: 604.66 eV; 108,450 +/- 247 Bq/kg
Cs-137: 661.64 eV; 131,250 +/- 282 Bq/kg
Total 総計:239,700 +/- 375 Bq/kg

(2) Hachiman Jinja 八幡神社
Cs-134: 604.66 eV; 71,293 +/- 171 Bq/kg
Cs-137: 661.64 eV; 85,981 +/- 198 Bq/kg
Total 総計:157,274 +/- 262 Bq/kg

(3) Storm drain on the school route 通学路西側住宅雨水枡
Cs-134: 604.66 eV; 44,294 +/- 135 Bq/kg
Cs-137: 661.64 eV; 54,010 +/- 156 Bq/kg
Total 総計:98,304 +/- 206 Bq/kg

(4) drain in Yakushi-cho 薬師町内の溝
Cs-134 604.66 eV; 137,490 +/- 236 Bq/kg
Cs-137 661.64 eV; 170,075 +/- 274 Bq/kg
Total 総計:307,565 +/- 361 Bq/kg

(5) backyard of a residence in Yakushi-cho 薬師町内民家の庭
Cs-134: 604.66 eV; 17,532 +/- 91 Bq/kg
Cs-137: 661.64 eV; 20,932 +/- 104 Bq/kg
Total 総計:38,464 +/- 138 Bq/kg

The location (1) is the one whose cesium concentration in the soil quintupled from the measurement in June of 46,540 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium.

The location (2) is right next to a nursery school with small children.

Professor Yamauchi's conclusion:


The entire district is highly contaminated. The radiation level will not go down with decontamination that only involves removing the sludge from the drains. In addition to removing the top soil at houses and empty lots, asphalt, concrete, concrete fences and roofs would have to be removed in order to lower the radiation level.

The national government did survey the district, but managed to miss high radiation locations. It did only the air radiation survey, which does not necessarily reflect the contamination level of the ground.


Anonymous said...

" 5 Times [higher] Cesium Concentration compared to the survey done in June."


Opentothesky Meltdown Reactors -or- 'mountains' ?

Cant accept mystery mountains ... which means that no decontamination method works in continuous radioactive fallout.

Anonymous said...

psst. Iodine measurements ??

Oh, but no. No. That would reveal the current irradiation level...

Darth3/11 said...

Is there really any point to "decontamination" efforts like soil stripping when the npp is still spewing/leaking/emitting radiation?

Anonymous said...

Does the 5x reading indicate added radiation since the first test or did the manner of testing change? In other words, were the two tests comparing apples to apples or (competent private testing) apples vs. (half assed govt/Tepco testing) oranges?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 2:21PM, apples. They are comparing the measurement that they did (not government, not TEPCO) in June with the latest measurement, same testing method. It indicates added radiation.

Atomfritz said...

I agree with Darth3/11.

As long as the reactor vessels and containments are full of high explosive hydrogen gas mix these contamination values can be only deemed as preliminary.
So any "decontamination" effort is pure distraction from what really is going on.

If any reactor explodes and becomes a "dirty nuclear mortar" these measured radiation levels will be rendered obsolete very quickly. (Not to think of the eventual chain reaction, spent fuel pools drying out and then burning out etc).
Anyway, at long as the reactors are practically openly leaking, there seriously cannot be expecting anything than constantly increasing contamination.

But, just let's pray such explosions and/or fuel fires will never happen. (I am not very optimistic, to be honest).

At least, I feel grateful to Mr. Yamauchi and the Friends of Earth.

I bow before them, as they show the courage of Japanese people to fight the lie. I hoped so long for such people to come.
Keep up finding out and spreading the truth! (Btw, big thanks again to Ex-SKF!)
Please never surrender to the big lie! Please continue to tell the truth!

Anonymous said...

Measurement of iodine-131 (8.0 day half life) gives out an approximate when did the last big one happen.

- Why iodine results were not published?

- Why also Strontium etc tst results were hidden?

- Cant believe only 5 random spots were measured. Why hide the facts? As it stands, the truth must exponentially much more worse. Is adding the typical three zeroes here enough?

(TOP SECRET, death via: Be7, Au198, Au199, Mn54, Co60, Fe59, Ag109, Nb95, Nb95m, Sr89, Sr90, Y90, Y91, Pb103, U239, U240, Am241, Cm242, Zr95, Rh106-Ru106, Ce144-Pr144, I-130, I-132, I133, I135, Na24, Tb161...)

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