Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ichiro Ozawa in Hospital, Intensive Care Unit

He fell ill around 11PM JST on October 6 and was rushed to a private hospital's ICU in Tokyo.

Ozawa's group has been put on a trial even after the Public Prosecutors Office could not prove any wrong-doing. Without valid proof, the Office simply used its Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution to indict him.

The mainstream media, which successfully took down then-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hachiro for making up a bogus story about "rubbing radiation" on the reporter (it has been proven bogus as one reporter happened to record the whole incident), is quite happy to gang up on the Democratic Party of Japan's erstwhile "king maker".

The MSMs are gleefully reporting the news of Ozawa's sudden illness which seems very grave (if he was taken to the ICU).

I am not his supporter, but he is one of the very few political figures who seems to genuinely believe that the Fukushima nuclear accident is a catastrophe that could destroy Japan, and the government should be in charge to do whatever it takes to control the plant and stop the emission of radioactive materials at all cost.

He's an old-style politician, not those glib talkers in their 40s and 50s that inhabit the current and previous administrations.


Anonymous said...

"Genuinely believe"? My impression of him is that he takes these positions because it suits him politically. If the the mainstream DPJ view was like this, he'd argue the opposite.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Certainly I am NOT his supporter! He is an old style politician, the kind that has led this country down the road to bankruptcy and the kind that lies and allows his stooges to get convicted (they will be rewarded later) instead of him. We can do without his ilk.

Anonymous said...

"He is an old style politician, the kind that has led this country down the road to bankruptcy..."

Which country youre talkin about?

Maybe the gobal UN-bankruptcy-village? Controlled by vat-i-can...

(psst. Bankrupcy means that smbdy perspirates gold.)

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