Friday, October 7, 2011

Nagano Police to Send Juvenile Delinquents to Disaster-Affected Tohoku as "Volunteers"

so that they get to know the meaning of "life", the police says. (At least they are not sending them to Fukushima.)

The police clearly coerced them, but is calling it a "volunteer" job. (How much more Orwellian can it get?)

The police in Nagano Prefecture is sending 7 youths to the disaster-affected (radioactive on top of it) area in Miyagi Prefecture to "volunteer" cleanup jobs as part of their "rehabilitation" program.

From Kyodo News Japanese (10/7/2011):


Nagano Prefectural Police announced on October 7 that it would send boys with juvenile delinquency to Sendai City as volunteers so that they would experience what it would be like to contribute to the society. The Police said the project would be the first of its kind in Japan.


7 boys in Nagano Prefecture aged between 15 to 18 will participate. A volunteer organization "Sendai Tsunami Recovery Support Center" in Sendai City will accept them. The boys will be taken to Sendai City on October 14 to see the devastation from the tsunami, and on October 15 they will do weeding in the farm fields and backyards and help remove sludge. 6 policemen will accompany the boys. On October 16, they will be back in Nagano Central Police Station to report on the activities.


The plan is to have juvenile delinquents visit the disaster-affected area where people are striving for recovery amid difficulties and give them a chance to reflect on their own future. 7 boys said they would like to participate, after the prefectural police announced the program.

Weeding and removing sludge. I see. The punishment, which is called "volunteer work", is to be exposed to concentrated radiation to compensate for the short stay.

This is an institutionalized abuse of the mionors who are in a vulnerable position, and the Nagano police is proud that it is the first one in the nation to come up with this wonderful "rehabilitation" project.

I'm afraid this is just the beginning. Already, so-called "experts" and "celebrities" that inhabit the MSM in Japan are calling for "citizen volunteer decontamination corps" to be sent to Fukushima's highly contaminated cities.



Anonymous said...

maybe u are stupid? gene wise? samurai? you lose [white space asccie here]

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Are you talking to me? Thank you for visiting and don't waste your time reading posts by a stupid person and commenting.

Anonymous said...

But Sendai isn't specially contaminated by fallout according to the maps you posted. The ruins may be contaminated by chemicals and other stuff from the facilities destroyed by the tsunami, but radiation?

Anonymous said...

Uh huh. According to the MEXT maps, Tokyo and Kanagawa should be even cleaner than Sendai, but sludge there tests tens of thousands of becquerels/kg of cesium in many locations.

Anonymous said...

who actually believes anything the government says anymore? They lost their honor+integrity a long time ago. I wouldn't put my health in jeopardy without consulting a radiation specialist and knowning the ramifications.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the sludge you are referring to in the case of Tokyo and Kanagawa comes from facilities that filter and concentrate sewage waste to several hundred times the original concentrations, it's not rubble from the tsunami.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know that. Radioactive fallout statistics for Miyagi (and Fukushima) are still not released (if they do exist) by the Ministry of Education. They claim the instruments are broken for these two particular prefectures. Debris from tsunami has been sitting there since March 11, under the radioactive plume.

Besides, in case you haven't been reading, sludge in Tokyo and Kanagawa does come from sewage waste plants, but also readily available by the roadside, rooftop, school yards, compost piles.

Anonymous said...

But haven't you seen the maps posted on the blog? Data for Miyagi contamination was released months ago. It's the prefecture north of Fukushima, and Sendai is the capital, which shows levels of contamination similar to Kanagawa.

And again, one thing is "sludge" from the sewage plants, one thing is concentrated dirt on the rooftop of buildings, one thing is dirt concentrated on drain along the roads, one thing is compost from dried leaves and another thing is helping cleaning up the ruins of the tsunami.

Anonymous said...

Canary backbeat...

So celebrities asking for volunteer others? you know who they work for when they talk.

This is like Naoto Kan, Ex Prime Minister, what he said in National Japanese TV "People over 50s should work into the nuke disaster zone" and now when he is out he is saying backthen he planned to evacuate 30 million from Tokyo.

TEPCO top companies Investors Hitachi, Mitsubishi and the 2 big other CEOS should show some initiative and work there inside 24 hours.

If they have already have life long huge salaries and unknown known great benefits they should show to the world what they really are doing.

The world is watching and at the end the leaders will be prosecuted wherever they go in the no so far future, they must runaway now or treat this crisis with respect.

By the way, Laprimavera, the first commentator who wrote here is saying that no matter if they guys who stay in Japan are stupid or samurais they will be afected directly by all this.

I dont think the person who wrote this was against this blog owner, you are doing a great work.
Would be interesting if you could enlighten us as what degree the yakuzis are dealing with this show behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be against some sort of International Human Rights ?
Sending children in to a disaster zone to help clean up, as a punishment ?

What the F--k are the UN doing about this ?

Japan should be ashamed of itself to be letting this happen. I don't care if Japanese are shy people, they are allowing this to happen.
No-one is going to get on a plane and come and do it for you.
Get up and ask for answers from your local and national Government ! If you don't you are just accepting to be ruled this way, and deserve everything you are going to get.
The international community has swept you under the carpet, you can only rely on yourselves.

Stand up to your Government, it may be the last time to do so.

Good Luck, and Speak Up !

Anonymous said...

This has got to be against some sort of International Human Rights ?
Sending children in to a disaster zone to help clean up, as a punishment ?
Lets not forget

the iaea has shown its support of the corporations
the WHO recently made a strongly supportive stance with the research scientists and corporations at the fukushima conference…heres the video of the symposium…WHO at about 33 minutes (Margaret chan)
the un has not reported the human rights submission on its web site…but you can find lots of pro nuke chatter there!!

Human rights and nuclear industry don’t go well together

Anonymous said...

@ 1:10:25 admits potassium iodide not get delivered because of mistake

the latest iaea report states that this was given out as did the bbc...refer to prof. gereldine thomas.....

Anonymous said...

But are we forgetting that what WHO did with the swine flu vaccine a couple of years ago? How can people expect the presence of the WHO or the UN to be any guarantee of improvement?

Anonymous said...

Young juvenile delinquents?? Why don't people get incensed and instead demand TEPCO execs shovel some radioactive shit?

Anonymous said...

Minors are not legally qualified to volunteer for anything. Whether or not the radiation is a problem, that debris is contaminated by asbestos about which the government is saying and doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

By the way, thanks very much ex-skf for keeping us informed. I can read Japanese but it takes more time than in English so I can't keep up with all the government's lies without you!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

You are quite welcome. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so sorry for the children. The government are criminals. What is the solution when the government becomes evil? I hope that the ones who are committing the sin of sending children to a potentially cancerous area go there themselves. The wisdom of Solomon. Let them eat it.

may said...

Getting juvenile delinquents to do community service is a way to get them stared leaping into a better life. Though it is a good idea they should also consider the safety, they can’t risk their health just because they juvenile delinquents.

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