Monday, November 28, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Yoshida's Last Day on the Plant Was November 14

And TEPCO/Government kept silent for 2 full weeks until November 28.

Tweet from Ryuichi Kino:


Consolidated press conference. The national government, TEPCO and NISA hold teleconference everyday. For two weeks the commander [Yoshida] at the plant was absent, no reason given. NISA didn't care, Sonoda [cabinet office spokesman, who drank the treated water] didn't care, TEPCO didn't bother to explain [for 2 weeks]. What kind of press conference is this?

Asahi Shinbun (11/28/2011) mentions only in passing, dutifully:


Mr. Yoshida worked at the plant until November 14.

That was 2 days after Goshi "Everyone should share the pain of Fukushima" Hosono visited the plant with his side kick "I will drink Fuku-I treated water because it is safe" Sonoda.

Here's from the photo of that November 12 occasion (from cryptome). From left, Yoshida, Hosono, Sonoda.


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