Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TEPCO Says Corium Would Stop at 70 Centimeters into CV Pedestal, So No Worry

(Update: Institute of Applied Energy says it could be 2 meters deep. See new post.)

Update to my previous post on the corium eating into the CV pedestal in Reactor 1 of Fuku I:

TEPCO says they are pretty sure that the corium would stop at 70 centimeters deep, and the core concrete reaction has stopped.

The company is pretty confident that the corium escaped from the RPVs of Reactors 2 and 3, if any, remains on the pedestals of the CVs and not eating into the concrete.

From their presentation on November 30, 2011, Reactor 1:


Steve From Virginia said...

Typical from Tepco: no engineering drawings, no evidence, photos, drill core samples, no radiation gradients or mapping, no plots of core locations or and what they are composed of ...

Just a little cartoon reactor with a 'blob' indicated where Tepco would like it to be for the moment.

The contents of each PV are massive: 300 tons of material including support plates, control rods, assembly materials, steam dryers and associated piping along with 150 tons of fuel, highly energized and made up of a large number of fissile elements.

Tepco: how about finding rather than guessing? The fuel mass could be 650mm or 65m under the reactors. Start with sticking cameras into the PVs by way of the reactor piping. These sorts of cameras are common in the plumbing business.

Tepco also needs to fire itself and have Japanese government take over with its large (military) resources. Hire some nuclear scientists and give them the tools, so that they can determine where the cores are and what condition they are in. They can then draft a plan to remove- or entomb the cores.

Time is running short. There are a number of convincing scenarios indicating secondary explosion(s) as the plant. Japan needs to step up its game ... or else.

Mauibrad said...

If the corium are in the cement, then they cannot be effectively cooled.

Atomfritz said...

"Time is running short. There are a number of convincing scenarios indicating secondary explosion(s) as the plant. Japan needs to step up its game ... or else."

Indeed. If they don't, the last element of the falling brick chain will be the spent fuel pools blazing in the open air, dwarfing all the things that happened up to now to a hors d'oeuvre.

Anonymous said...

"Steve from Virginia"

Such cameras from plumbing supply stores cannot function in such high radiation environments. You'd be lucky if they survived long enough to show you static.

Anonymous said...

They were confident as well that the Corium would be safely cooled inside the unbreeched RPV. Then they were confident that there were only small holes. And afterwards they were confident that only some of the fuel escaped.
Confident my ass.


Dear Anony-mouse, Yes, your right, we egotistic idiots at Tepco-Crappy are indeed confident about everything including your ass. We idiots at TEPCO-CRAPPY hire the most stupid relatives of politicians to insure that our bribes and kickbacks and other fraud continue to fleece the taxpayers. We also bribe the judges, see our last big win about the stupid golf course? And of course WE dont eat any radioactive Fukushima garbage rice or fish or vegetables, are you kidding? Let the foolish Japanese taxpayers eat that radioactive crappo like that newscaster who now has leukimia or should we say rad-iat-ion-emia? Can we spell IDIOT? No, but we can spell TEPCO, its the same isnt it? Well we do get paid double, we get the free money from Japan idiot government to pay off damages, which we dont actually pay anyway, and we also get money paid to clean up the huge radiation messes we made all over Japan. WOW? That means we must be pretty smart or the government must be very very very stupid. But were not very smart I suppose, so...

Anonymous said...

"Confident my ass."

You forgot to give TEPCO the "Kung Fu Hustle" slap with a shoe upside the head with that.

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