Monday, November 28, 2011

Angler Who Died of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Didn't Live Inside 30 Km Radius of Fuku-I

and didn't eat fish inside the 30 kilometer radius, according to the irate journalist who had written about the angler cum journalist in the Rod and Reel magazine.

As it stands, for now, the Japanese blog that said he did wasn't quoting from the actual article in the magazine but from his/her (probably his) own concern for radiation.

False information that he was living inside the 30-kilometer zone and eating fish caught inside the zone quickly spread via tweets and blogs and message boards, and just as quickly it was debunked via tweets and blogs, just like the story about neutron beams detected in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Self-correcting mechanism of the Internet. (The neutron beam story is more convoluted than this one, but that may be a later post.)

It's not that the areas outside 30-kilometer radius is any safer than inside, as the radiation contamination in Fukushima City or Date City (both are now found with radioactive cesium rice that exceeded the national provisional safety limit) shows.

The angler/journalist Abe did die of acute lymphocytic leukemia on September 16 at the age of 24 after having been hospitalized on August 26. His friends and people at the magazine didn't think it was because of the nuke accident, but they do not rule that out. It is unknown at this point, they say. (If you read Japanese, you can read about it on this site.)


Anonymous said...

his/her (probably his), it is his, but I always call him the woman, ha!

Cherie said...

It's worse if this journalist didn't live in the exclusion zone or fished there.

tony roma said...

anybody see the fotos on the japanese blog..
shots of him hooking fish, holding fish wrestling fish stroking fish cooking fish..
a veritable visual orgy of fishy rod and line tales.
but no he never went near them you saw nothing.never touched chewed on,chilled out with kissed any fuckyuppy mullet.
it’s all a dream a dream within a dream.

Thro’ eternity.
Nothing was born;
Nothing will die;
All things will change.

Mauibrad said...

Tokyo? How about Neutron beams at Fukushima

Atomfritz said...

One of the reasons why I like the ex-skf blog is that it is serious, and does not parrot the newest rumors just because they are there.

In a climate that suppresses the real news the nuclear cartel only profits from false rumors as they damage the cause of us nuclear-critic people.
They are just happy about every "baseless rumor" they can use to defame the nuclear-critic movement as whole.

So I am happy about this article as it debunks the sensationistic rumor that apparently went through Japanese blogs and tweets for some days.
It is sad enough how many people start to become sick and this is so serious that any exaggeration does no good. The truth alone is grave enough.

So I want to thank you again, ex-skf, for providing us with reliable information.

Yosaku said...


I just wanted to second your excellent comment. I follow this blog for the same reasons that you do.

Thank you, EX-SKF.

tony roma said...

it does not debunk..
a some point in the future when the screaming starts i hope all the psychotic nuke lovers are torn apart for the murderous cover up.
japan is a mafia state..a benign one that is killing it's people and slowly the world.
to see an elite say that japan plc is open and everything is under control is proof that the population are not important but money is.
people of japan when you develop cancer spend all the savings you have.
evil elites inside and out are looking at all of that money in bank accounts...we are all the walking dead do not make it easy for the bastards.

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