Sunday, November 27, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Yoshida's Message to Plant Workers

From the tweet of NHK's Jun Hori:


Yoshida, head of Fukushima I Nuke Plant, issued a message to the plant workers as follows: "An illness was found during the medical exam, and I have no choice but to leave the plant, despite the on-going plant accident. To have to part with you like this is gut-wrenching, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart for any inconvenience that my leaving the post may cause."

As usual, TEPCO says it won't disclose what kind of illness that Yoshida suffers, or the cumulative radiation exposure he has received ever since March 11, as such information is "private".


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it'll be real "private" when everyone else starts getting sick.

Anonymous said...

They have lost control. Heaven help the humans...

brioche said...

Nuclear energy industry's ill effects and ill gotten gains are the biggest 'snow job' in the history of the world! I too, fell for it's promise when told it was better than coal or the worst toxic energy waste - wood burning. Controlling the technology is always stated the same, that it's not perfect but we can make it better. An energy consultant assured me that what was really needed were faster breeder reactors that cleaned up their own waste! Will we wake up in time to realize there is no other choice but to shut down all our reactors now and dry cask all the spent fuel (wrote 'fool') rods - no matter what the cost?

Sadly, Japan will lead by example in an illuminating, tangible way so that every man woman child on the planet will understand deeply why nuclear reactors are indefensible as an energy source. What happened in Japan can happen anywhere with any of 400+ nuclear reactors on the planet. We will not be able to clean up the waste products for thousands of years,

I send my deepest condolences to Mr. Yoshida and his family. My heart breaks for Japan and for all the life in the sea.

Anonymous said...

A minimal accident record of less than a hundred years is not "safe". The future can't be predicted based on past record, no matter how long the observed time period. Sadly, this is a concept that people are unable to comprehend.

When you consider the entire history of humans and this planet, virtually everything around us uses technology that is still very new - electricity, vehicles, computers, phones, light, bio-engineering, etc. We are basically the first generation to experience this technology. I don't think people realise this. They seem to believe everything has been tried and tested for hundreds of years. The disturbing truth is, we have no idea how all these things will affect us in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ... "Acute fear of radiations" - must take some paid leaves.

futureisnow said...

"As usual, TEPCO says it won't disclose what kind of illness that Yoshida suffers, or the cumulative radiation exposure he has received ever since March 11, as such information is "private"."
Go figure then how many dies from radioactivity .

here, in france, Areva communication and a lot of dumb people say : there are not deaths whith this "incident" , so it show that nuclear power is safer than every other one :(
I hate them.
A lot of others anonymous workers will suffer from radiations, and the dose they get can be guessed in the video . Strangely, videos with a lot of radioactive dots have the name of the workers carefully blured, on their suit. Look for instance at the 1111_04.wmv video, here: for the summary; here for the video
thanks to this blog to let me know it was released . I'm working on a way to calculate how much radioactivity these workers have taken these days and after.
If you look at the tepco webcam, radioactive dots are shown, one by minute, with only 5 fps/minute.
For anyone with skills in brigth dots recognition, when surrounded by darkers pixels, (mynicknamehere) at
oh, the project is to be open source only, and the goal is to give people a way to know when they are in a dangerous environnment.

Futureisnow said...

I forgot to say:
my best wishes for Mr Yoshida and his family, he may have prevent the world from a far worse disaster, just to choose the right way, against his hierarchy .
Respect, Sir

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't want to create a mass panic at Fuku I. Yoshida wasn't even in the depths of the plant wrestling with radiation.

I think the Japanese liquidators knew that their life/health will be adversely impacted but to know that they may have less than a year to live will scare all but the most desparate souls.

I'd say give the man recognition for giving his health / life for the benefit of others rather than he got sick due to some random illness (i.e. nothing to do with Fukushima Dai-ichi).

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