Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swiss National TV on Fukushima (Video in French)

The Swiss National TV aired the program in French on the Fukushima accident, with a focus on Yokohama City's response (or lack thereof) to the radioactive contamination in the city.

The Mayor of Yokohama and 17 of the Assemblymen are on their trip to visit Frankfurt, Germany to play football (soccer) and then off to see the world. I would suggest to the citizens of Yokohama not to allow them back in.

Please feel free to translate what they are saying in the video into English, and let me know. I can vaguely guess, but my French is worse than my German which is not good to begin with.

By the way in Yokohama, schools and kindergartens continue merrily on their autumnal event of picking fallen leaves and burning them in a pile to roast sweet potatoes (triple horrors). On top of that, some schools are going to make pupils clean the park. At this point, cleaning the park means decontaminating the park.


Mauibrad said...
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Mauibrad said...

Roasting potatoes? Cleaning the park? OMG have Japanese adults gone MAD?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Mauibrad, yes. In case of Yokohama, as long as the AIR radiation is less than 0.59 microsievert/hour at the location, they won't do anything to stop any activities.

Why 0.59 microsievert/hour? My guess is that 0.60 microsievert/hour and above is the radiation level of "radiation control area" in a nuclear power plant.

Tenant Representation Philippines said...

what is really happening??why are they doing that?that can be hazardous.

Apolline said...

I'll try to summarize this video for you, later today. They don't talk about soccer at all...

Anonymous said...

Philippe here,
I'll just summarize.
No breaking news there for readers of this blog, but for europe MSM, a precise and shocking report.
(At the end: the reporter is said to be "in love with Japan", knows pretty well the country it seems.)
25 million tons burnable waste is woth a lot of money to make electricity.
Problem of ashes. The Yokohama Mayor ordered to 'landfill" without letting citizens know. Mayor team seems embarrassed.
A construction worker - " probably with ties to yakuzas - speaks like a gangster " quarels with the city; " radioactive cement (from sludge) spread all over Japan" he says.
Mother scared for her daughter. Food and washing teeth with bottled water. Complains radiation levels for adults are not fit for children.
The real-estate boss in his very luxury home is part of a citizens group who refuse this waste.
Shamed and woried about the contamination of the ocean.
Then the reporter's interview.
Children are 1rst victims.
In Fugushima physicians refuse to test children, in order not to have to give alarming results.
Authorities there do every thing they can to keep people in the place.
Many cases of acute leukemia.
Old people die of stress, suicide, in numbers X 2 from before.

Hélios said...

Merci à Philippe de m'avoir évité de traduire...

Anonymous said...

"A construction worker - - speaks like a gangster "

What exactly did he say, context?

Anonymous said...

Philippe here.
1) it was fist said the debris were a bonanza for the underworld.
2) "this man has infiltrated this group of citizens (in the meeting with representatives of the mayor), he works in the building sector under the influence of the underworld. He talks like a gangster and has issues with the city council. He says that the city of Yokohama delivered radioactive sludge to a plant in Kawasaki to make cement, this cement is to be sold all over Japan"

Margot said...


Infiltrated among these citizens, there is this man who is working for the construction industry, under the influence of the underworld. He speaks like a gangster and he has a brush with the town council.
He says: "The Yokohama city has delivered the radioactive sludge from purification plants to the enterprise situated in Kawazaki in order to make the cement . This cement is going to be sold throughout the whole of Japan"

Anonymous said...


Excuse-moi Hélios...

Anonymous said...

Hey dont be lazy frenchfukushians: Do provide the text translation with time stamps. Bigger issue to make a video with sub texts but I'll do it for free.

Apolline said...

Pas de problèmes, Philippe, tu as été plus rapide que tu te débrouilles mieux que moi en thème.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the "yakuza" was a yakuza. Looked more like a left-wing angry man. Often, the Yakuza are being hired to silence the critics so he wouldn't be sitting there.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thanks for translation, Philippe. But I don't think he is a yakuza or has a tie to underworld. He does not talk like a ganster at all but talks like an mildly angry citizen to me. Not even very angry. He's dressed too stylish for a yakuza, and the yakuzas and those ultra-right wing nationalists turn out to be very much pro-nuke.

Yokohama sent off the sludge to Kawasaki without telling Kawasaki how radioactive it was. Kawasaki found that out, and send the sludge back in anger. I don't know if Yokohama has sent it again. Yokohama city has been using radioactive cement made out of own radioactive sludge in the public works. It didn't bother telling citizens, who found out about it by accident. The city continues to do, as far as I know, because it is below the national safety limit of 8000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium.

Outside nuke plants, the law and regulations governing how to handle radioactive materials and radioactive wastes are not applicable, according to the Japanese bureaucrats and politicians. They decide whatever they want to decide.

Anonymous said...

@arevamirpal::laprimavera: Most of the cement is used to mix concrete, which in turn could be used for buildings where people may be living in. This is highly disturbing news. I searched for applicable safety limits with no avail, do you have any sources for the mentioned 8000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium? Are these regional or general limits? Thank you for your good work!

Anonymous said...

thank you for translating! the scene with the "yakuza" also seems strange to me, are the swiss reporters trying to make sensationnal news? kara from france

Unknown said...

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