Tuesday, January 31, 2012

California's San Onofre Nuke Plant Shut Down Unit 3, Due to Potential Leak in Steam Generator Tube

San Onofre's reactors are pressurized water reactors. Unit 3's reactor was made by Combustion Engineering, which was purchased in 2000 by Westinghouse (now Toshiba).

From Market Watch (1/31/2012):

Southern California Edison, operator of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, said in a press release Tuesday it has begun a precautionary shutdown of Unit 3 because sensors detected a possible leak in one of the unit's steam generator tubes.

The company said "the potential leak poses no imminent danger to the public or plant workers. There has been no release to the atmosphere." SCE said personnel will evaluate the cause of the leak and the steps needed to repair it and resume operations.

SCE also said it has ample reserve power to meet customer needs. The station's Unit 2 is currently offline for a planned maintenance outage, the company added in the statement.

SCE is a division of Edison International.


Morgaine said...

NPP emergency reactor shutdown, unit 2, Byron Generating Station (Exelon), 95 miles from Chicago. Shutdown said, at first, to be due to loss of outside power. Tritium being released in steam. Loss of power due to one "bad insulator." However, problem with pumps because they should have reset and did not.



CHICAGO (AP) — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is launching a special inspection into how some equipment responded to a power failure at a northern Illinois nuclear reactor.
NRC spokeswoman Viktoria Mitlyng says some water pumps at the Byron Generating Station switched off when the Unit 2 reactor lost power Monday, then came back on without being manually reset....


Illinois reactor shutdown blamed on bad insulator

CHICAGO (AP) — A failed electrical insulator in a switchyard was to blame for the power failure that caused one of Exelon Energy's nuclear reactors in northern Illinois to shut down, company officials said Tuesday.
Officials hoped to replace the part by the end of the day. The company would then begin preparing to re-start the Unit 2 reactor at the Byron Generating Station about 95 miles northwest of Chicago, though it remained unclear how soon it could return to service, spokesman Paul Dempsey said....


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