Sunday, January 29, 2012

Earthquake Map of Japan in the 1st Month of 2012

(You can't even see Japan in the first map.)

From the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention website, "Hypocenter map".

Last 30 days:

Last 7 days:
Last 24 hours:

A lot of Magnitude 4 quakes, and a good number of Magnitude 5 quakes. M5 is moving to the central Japan, right near Mt. Fuji. Numerous small, shallow quakes in western Japan.


Anonymous said...

I hope all the lamebrained HAARP proponents take a GOOD LOOK at the seismic activity that continuously rocks Japan and then shut the fuck up already.

Anonymous said...

1990-2006 seismicity map of Japan. Yeah, blame it on CRAAP, LOL.

Anonymous said...

So, is there really smoke coming out from Fuji-san? More precisely, from the side where new crater would be formed if eruption is to happen.

There is so much talk on other forums (jp), together with pictures of white volutes above.

gr81 said...

Looks to me like NPPs in Japan are pure insanity!!!!

Chibaguy said...

Last night they had a program in which a specially made destruction ball was pitted against a super reinforced wall on TV here. The ball won.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Fujisan "smoke" was quickly busted by local residents. They were clouds.

Apolline said...

First internal irradiation map :

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