Thursday, February 2, 2012

Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono to Shimada City in Shizuoka: "Thank you for burning the debris, we're cheering for you by drinking your tea"

This is just absolutely sickening.

Shimada City in Shizuoka Prefecture, whose mayor is deeply involved in the corruption over waste management in the city, has decided to go ahead with test burning of the disaster debris from Iwate Prefecture against fierce opposition from the city residents and citizens in neighboring cities and prefectures. The ashes after incineration will be buried in the final disposal site for regular garbage and industrial waste in the city.

To reward such an exemplary behavior, joyous Goshi Hosono, Minister of the Environment, tells the city that he has made green tea from Shimada City as the drink at the ministry.

From Jiji Tsushin (2/3/2012):


"We're cheering for you by drinking your tea", says Minister Hosono to Shimada City for its decision to test burn the debris


Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono revealed during the press conference on February 3 after the cabinet meeting that he switched the tea drunk by the ministry officials to the tea made in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Shimada City has just announced it will test burn the disaster debris from Yamada-cho in Iwate Prefecture. As the wide-area processing of the disaster debris is not going well due to the concern for the radiation contamination from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident, Minister Hosono, by switching the tea to the Shimada City's tea, is cheering for the city eager to accept the debris.


In the press conference, Minister Hosono said, "I've been a coffee drinker, but right now all I drink is Shimada's tea." The Ministry of the Environment is encouraging the workers at the ministry to purchase Shimada tea for their consumption at work.

Shimada City is located in central Shizuoka, population slightly less than 100,000. Its main industry is tea growing on Makinohara Plateau, the largest tea growing region in Shizuoka and thus the largest in Japan.

Mayor Sakurai has said that he will go ahead with the test burning even though the residents of the district where the incinerator is located haven't agreed to the burning. He says, "I explained everything, nothing more to say to them. It's the time for decision."

Several meetings were held between the city officials and the residents, and the city stuffed the meetings with hired shills to boost their side. The officials even said the residents didn't matter anyway as the neighborhood community leaders were all for it.

Mayor Sakurai was the president of the city's only industrial waste processing company before he became the major. Currently, his relative (son or brother) is the president, running the company, and the mayor remains one of the largest shareholders.

Shimada City has declining population and declining amount of garbage. The incineration plant apparently cannot be used unless the furnace is at least 60% full. If that's true, it may be a relic from the bubble days in 1980s - a big incinerator, bigger than the city ever would have needed.

Disaster debris from Tohoku must be heaven-sent for the mayor.

The incineration plant is right near the water source for the city.

(If you read Japanese, this is a Togetter on "low down on Shimada City's decision to accept disaster debris".)


Anonymous said...

S.T.U.P.I.D. And deadly.

Anonymous said...

"The incineration plant is right near the water source for the city."

What's with the terrible placement of things in Japan? I know they don't have space, but this is pretty ridiculous.

farfromhome said...

"The incineration plant apparently cannot be used unless the furnace is at least 60% full. If that's true, it may be a relic from the bubble days in 1980s - a big incinerator, bigger than the city ever would have needed."

So I am guessing that this is not one of those new fangled incinerators that can easily filter out all of the bad stuff...

Oh and the water will be delicious. And the tea, wow! Maybe cesium is the new MSG!

Very encouraging. Glad I don't live there.

Darth3/11 said...

What the hell is this mayor thinking (or enjoying his kickbacks)? Why aren't the other mayors and illuminaries throughout Shizuoka rising up and condemning him? Shizuoka is in the middle of a targeted campaign to attract English speakers and their money to Shizuoka. They are positioning themselves as a nearby great place to visit for the many *gaikokujin* in Tokyo to easily visit for a day or two.

WHY would anyone, much less a monied foreigner living in Tokyo, come to Shizuoka with this sort of news? I'm so sad to see this!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Darth3/11, ALL mayors of cities and towns in Shizuoka are FOR accepting the debris.

Anonymous said...

All the fucking politicians and mayors all over japan are in this together, it wont be long before the whole fucking country is radioactive thanks to these cunts (yes im angry) ... This couldnt have happened in a worse country, very ignorant backward and self destructive race the japs

Anonymous said...

Anyone see where the Minister of Environment's family is? Evacuated? Someone needs to give them some healthy Fukushima food! Like ceisum beef! The good news they may already be eating radiation as Japan exports the foods outside Japan to other countrys. IF you think those done end up on the black market --resulting in radiation showing up in Sinapore, China, Korea, are probably right.
In the press opportunities, anyone see Minister or his cronies with facial sores, or other obvious radiation signs others in Fukushima, and Japan show? If not....

Anonymous said...

Dirty Fucking Japs...

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I understand your anger but I do not appreciate the word "Japs" used as a blanket statement, being one of those.

Darth3/11 said...

Yes, people, please, do not lower the bar to using words insulting to our great Ex-SKF such as "Jap". As a woman, I would also appreciate not reading the extremely crude word "cunt". Let's develop the vocabulary and discourse to present an argument that does us credit, not harm.

Mike said...

Attention Shizuoka farmers: soon Goshi Hosono will be the only person drinking your tea.


Anonymous said...

National self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

This is for all of the people that think that Fukushima will never affect them:

This site shows the ways ocean water currents flow. You can learn how water connects all across the Earth.

Everyone needs clean water to live but this greatly contaminated Fukushima water travels the globe as fog,rain, snow, and of course-currents. It has been now for almost a year. Almost 365 straight days of cesium(among many other forms of radioactivity) leaking into the air and water.

Always remember that radioactivity changes the oxygen levels in water.

There is no one on the planet that can run from this.

Denial will not help anything.

Anonymous said...

" the whole fucking country is radioactive thanks to these cunts"

Cunts??? More like "dicks" or "dickwads" or "dickheads" or even "douchebags" but NOT "cunt". That word is reserved for the major of Yokohama.

Anonymous said...

We use cunt liberally in England to describe men who are total dickheads, a bit like the politicians in Japan .... Maybe most people posting here are American judging by the reaction to the word cunt..

Maybe this will shed some light on it , The legendary Peter Cook and Dudley below

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