Thursday, February 2, 2012

#Fukushima Residents to Be Preferentially Hired for Decon Projects in Fukushima

It's clearly not enough for the Japanese government to keep the Fukushima residents inside Fukushima by offering "incentives" and propaganda.

The government is set to "indicate" that the Fukushima residents should be hired for decontamination projects to be carried out throughout Fukushima in a new bill to be presented in the current session of the Diet.

Nuclear power plants throughout Japan have been "sold" to the municipalities as "job creators" for the local economy. Even after a nuclear plant blew up and broken, it will continue to provide jobs for the residents. How wonderful. (Never mind the radiation.)

From Yomiuri Shinbun (2/2/2012):


It was revealed on February 1 that the bill "Fukushima recovery and renewal special measures bill" (temporary name) that the administration will submit in the current session of the Diet will include the clause that indicates Fukushima residents should be given special consideration when hiring workers for the decontamination projects to be carried out in the areas affected by the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.


The decontamination projects, set to start [in earnest] in March, are expected to require more than 30,000 workers. The administration will support in job creation in Fukushima Prefecture which continues to suffer from a severe employment condition.


In the summary of the bill disclosed on February 1, it is written that "a consideration is to be given so that the residents of Fukushima will be hired" for decontamination projects. As it is the businesses who will be contracted to do the decontamination projects, the government is likely to ask them to preferentially hire the Fukushima residents.


no6ody said...

More than 30,000 jobs? Oh noes... some airhead 'Merkin pol will be claiming nuke accidents are good for the economy any day now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will use the resulting illnesses to veil exposure to residents by saying "Well yes, that person has leukemia but it's not because he was from Fukushima or because Fukushima was irradiated. It's because he was on a decon team and he probably didn't follow instructions...(or didn't smile enough?)

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