Friday, April 6, 2012

3D Animation Explaining Japan's New Food Safety Standards for Radioactive Materials

(From Toby Daw)

The video is making fun of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs program to invite foreign social media writers to Japan as it explains the new safety standards for food and drinks in Japan.

FYI, Japan's new food safety standards:

  • 10 becquerels/kg for drinking water, not 100.

  • 50 becquerels/kg for baby food

  • 50 becquerels/kg for milk

  • 100 becquerels/kg for general food

  • assuming 50% of food is contaminated

  • numbers are only for radioactive cesium


Anonymous said...

While the content is right on target, it's the same old stereotype of how a "foreigner" looks.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Great job!

Chibaguy said...

This is exactly the way to educate Americans. Too bad this will not be on TV.

Anonymous said...

YouTube is now the single most-used search engine in the US. May reach even more people than via TV. I will link this to my FB page as I am trying to keep Fukushima and aftermath top of mind here.

Anonymous said...

Great find, thanks, ex-skf.

BTW, even as Japan brags lowering the food radiation limites, the reality is that Japan does not have hardware (equipment) or software (central inspection system and competent staff) to enforce the new standard, so it is just another nice looking legistration on paper.

See the website of congressman Takeshi Miyamoto:

Add to the insult, Bloomberg reported that last year Japan inspected for food radiation only 1% of what Belarus did for the same period

Anonymous said...

Educate Americans ? I doubt it , they are either too stoned or drunk to comprehend even the most simple of ideas.

Wm. Marcus said...

Just wish The Dude would have given us some of his wisdom on the matter - afterall we cannot 'abide' with what is going down here...

Unknown said...

They can actually adapt certain food safety training and for example, alcohol license course for their food handlers and food establishments to make use of.

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