Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goshi Hosono's Incomprehensible Remark About Radioactivity of Disaster Debris

This philandering minister is in charge of the Fukushima nuclear accident and in charge of decontamination and disaster debris spreading.

From his April 3 press conference, by the reporter named Suwa and appeared in the blog by Ryusaku Tanaka, independent journalist:



Suwa: You believe measuring cesium-134 and cesium-137 is enough. Why?

Hosono: What can be measured by measuring cesium-134 and cesium-137, of all the measurements we have done so far, if we measure using cesium, then the rest of the nuclides, more than that to a great degree, in so-called radioactive materials, or in becquerels, on the level of radioactivity, there is no concern.

Did you get it?

Hosono did his utmost best by using all the words he had heard, clearly without understanding any of them, since March 11, 2011 - cesium, nuclide, radioactive materials, becquerels, radioactivity. He could have spared the embarrassment by simply saying "I don't know."

He is one of those politicians in their early 40s whom the mass media want to portray as the next prime minister, although he is being eclipsed these days by the mayor of Osaka who behaves like a kindergarten bully in a sand box. A great future either way for Japan and the Japanese.

A fish rots from the head down.


Chibaguy said...

Thank you for the link to his blog. This blogger asked pointed questions and he could not answer them. Alpha, beta, gamma and all, Hosono just was given the cliff notes on cesium and managed to screw that up. Having a lawyer pretend to be a scientist is great in all until you figure out they have no idea what they are talking about.

The geiger counter I use can only measure gamma rays. This being said cesium decays in both beta and gamma. If we include other radionuclides who knows the measurement I would find? I guess this is why they have sold the public that only cesium is to worry about.

Translating what Hosono said into English must have made your head hurt. It makes no sense in Japanese from a scientific standpoint.

kintaman said...

How much longer are people going to tolerate this bullshit? I am, frankly, surprised no one has confronted him publicly and called him out on his bullshit and then some.

Chibaguy, please excuse my asking but what precautions do you take in terms of food and drinking water? How are you holding up stress-wise lately...very stressed or more accepting of the situation now that time has gone by?

Chibaguy said...

@kintaman, have been very stressed out for about a year and now found a way out. Everything we eat is from down south and no tap water. I know that the plan is to contaminate Japan so I am leaving. Now, I am just pissed off re US immigration laws. No one can forget this situation once that become aware.

Anonymous said...

Is his family still in Hongkong? Or Singapore? Or are they back in Japan somewhere?

Thats the true test of safety! Find the family, find the area of least contamination! Bet his chidren are not in Fukushima! Some should ask THAT on his blog...

kintaman said...

@Chibaguy. I am so sorry you (and your family?) are having to experience this stress for so long. I experienced it in the first weeks of the disaster until I left Japan completely (left Tokyo asap and then Japan soon after) and I know I would not have been able to handle it for a year. You are very brave and I wish you the best of luck.

If I may ask, how have your friends, coworkers and relatives been over this past year? Are others also similarly stressed? I imagine there is quite a mix of situations - people that are oblivious to the danger, those that are extremely stressed about it and those who try their best to hide it.

Will you be arranging shipment of your items to the US or will you be scrapping everything? Be sure, before you leave to get things that you know you will wish you could have once you leave Japan as you may never go back. I left in such a rush and under such stress that I completely forgot many things I wish I had bought if I planned to leave Japan forever. Well you have had a year to mentally prepare so I am sure you are on top of that. Again, best of luck.

Atomfritz said...

It's difficult to say completely meaningless stuff that sounds meaningful. Hosono definitely is a gifted puppet politician!

Just read in German Spiegel that the FAS released a recent Sandia Labs study regarding nuclear driven spying drones (UAVs).
It's a very interesting wording example too, not naming the thing in question directly, but using a plethora of euphemisms due to this diplomatically very "hot" topic.

Link to document:
Link to Spiegel article (in German):,1518,825731,00.html

Chibaguy said...

@kintaman, not just the Japanese but also those that live here have been sold a lie and they accept it. My solace is I will be leaving this lie. My roots are in Fukushima and most of my pleasant memories are there. It has been destroyed but they still make children live and eat there. My entire career started there.

Anyway, I would not say that people accept the circumstances but rather reside in ignorance. Only if Chernobyl was so easy. What pisses me off is that science is completely denied now and people are living their lives as if nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Stupid R Us link. Before even having a moment to caution Chibaguy re: US matters, you provide a perfect example.
Whether through intent, complicity, or ignorance, we continue to carpet the globe with radioactivity in small and large amounts.
Personal opinions about her aside, H. Caldicott has worked for years studying and educating on the effects of radiation. She doesn't pull any punches.
On 3/15 she did a presentation at the Group Health Co-op Hospital in Seattle.

For Goshi Hosono
Go to the 31 min. mark for an explanation of the hazards.

Nuke Free World please

Anonymous said... LOLO

Greyhawk said...

This man is in charge of decontamination? We're all in grave danger whether we're in Japan or not. It looks to me like the entire world is being ruled by idiots. Pray to whatever Supreme Being you believe in. We need a lot of help.

nelson311 said...


It is hard to live. There are pros about leaving too.
#1 if you have kids, well, without stating the obvious, you ll have better nights of peaceful sleep ... if you do not have kids, you will still sleep very peacefully (no more worries)
#2 You will be able to walk under the rain without a second thought
#3 You will be amazed at how good it feels to buy vegies at the market without a hint of hesitation
#4 You will get rid of a lot of unnecessary belongings and leave it there (i gave a whole 80m2 appartment worth of belongings, TV, Couch etc ... to Minami Soma; they need it more than me)
#5 You may be living just before the big bang
#6 You will not support TEPCO and this incompetent government by giving them another yen! That is the ONLY way to support Japan

Bottom line; time to go !

Anonymous said...

@Chibaguy - good luck with your move. I left six months ago, was living next to Inzai/Chiba. My children were born in Japan and like you, my happiest memories are from there. It was hard to stay, even harder to leave, and hard to start from nothing once more while remembering what you had to leave behind.

AmericaninTokyo said...

@ Chibaguy, can I ask what issues you are having with immigration? My J. husband and I are planning on moving back to the US later this year, and your statement about immigration was a little worrying...

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