Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Disaster Debris Wide-Area Disposal: Toyota Eager to Help at Its Factory Site in Aichi Prefecture on a Landfill

Toyota's Tahara Factory in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture makes Lexus. The factory is on a landfill on Mikawa Bay, and the company says there is a plenty of space for Tohoku disaster debris.

Mainichi Shinbun (4/5/2012) reports:


It has been revealed that Toyota has started the internal discussion to agree to the request from the Aichi prefectural government to build a final disposal site on its factory compound in Tahara City. The company will study the effect on the nearby residents and the factory workers, and once the consent from the residents and the local municipality (Tahara City) is obtained Toyota will start discussing the details with the Aichi prefectural government.


Toyota says, "If there is a formal request, we will be glad to consider."


Toyota's Tahara Factory is located on the landfill. It is about 3.7 million square meters, or about 80 Tokyo Domes. The factory assembles cars including its luxury car "Lexus". For Toyota, the Tohoku region is the manufacturing base for its small, compact cars. The company says, "We would like to help as much as possible", to support the recovery of Tohoku.

According to Chunichi Shinbun (4/5/2012) which has been very gun-ho about disaster debris incineration, the governor of Aichi, Hideaki Omura (see photo), has decided to spend 600 million yen to plan for the incineration plant, temporary storage and a final disposal site, without deliberation in or approval from the Assembly. The prefectural government will use a special procedure called "Senketsu" - acting on its own.

Chunichi indicates that Toyota's factory will have the final disposal site where the ashes will be buried, and Chubu Electric's thermal power plant will get to burn the debris. Aichi Prefecture want to burn 1 million tonnes of disaster debris to help the recovery.

The Ministry of the Environment will reimburse the cost for new facilities that will process disaster debris from Tohoku.

Governor Omura is another Tokyo University graduate (law) and a former bureaucrat at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries before he turned to politics.

Toyota's Tahara Factory location:


I guess Toyota and the Japanese government are counting on the WTO if global "baseless rumors" hurt Toyota's sales.


Anonymous said...

Ok, did somebody tell these mongoloids that the Tahara factory is at high risk in case of tsunami ?

One more reason to boycot Toyotas... (after the atrocious design, the abysmal reliability of the new models and the late or hidden recals)

Anonymous said...

Are they crazy!?

Well, it's not often that I can express my vehement anti-nuclear opinions through a purchasing decision.

Honda, Nissan, Mazda will benefit.

Anonymous said...

The only Japanese car company with facilities not in an irradiated city is based in... Hiroshima (Mazda). Good that the industry is moving out of Japan. Radioactive Lexus and Toyota, when they were spared by Fukushima disaster...

Anonymous said...

Even if the new Toyota cars aren't contaminated, supporting the debris spreading debacle is more than enough reason for me to pass by the Toyota dealer and buy any of the others.

Ben Camp said...
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Chibaguy said...

@anon 2:38, no offense but posting as Arnie is wrong no matter your intentions.

Aside from that, I cannot fathom how people come into power without knowledge/wisdom. Property values down everywhere!

kintaman said...

Just for the record Toyota has also been running "Drive for Tohoku" commercials campaigning for people to drive up and support the Tohoku area:

Beat Takeshi features in the commercial which greatly disappoints me as I was a big fan of him (no longer).

I never planned to buy another Japanese car ever again, even though I was previously a Honda only driver, but Toyota is now at the very top of that do not buy list.

Anonymous said...

This seals the deal. My family will never ever buy another Toyota and will advice the same to everyone we know, including local Toyota dealers!

Whenever Toyota brags about its "clean" emission technology, we shall insist they recalculate the numbers by including the output from the debris incineration.

You know, this really questions the Toyota quality and engineering... This shows how ignorant the whole company is from top to bottom, in basic science, environmental effects, and most seriously in critical thinking.

With their "Drive for Tohoku" campaign, Toyota is encouraging people to stir up radioactive particles in the air that local children breath in and spread the contamination in wider areas as people drive back, then they uset the same contaminated cars to take kids to schools and so forth, even to local a car wash, where contaminated water will be spilled all over and into ground aquafier.

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