Thursday, April 5, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Photos of 4/5/2012 Leak of Waste Water from Reverse Osmosis

Bleak conditions persist more than one year after the start of the nuclear accident. Take a look at the photos released by TEPCO on April 5, 2012 of the latest leak. Kanaflex hoses bundled and wrapped with black insulation material.

I do not know if the insulation material was ripped by the workers to find the leak, or it had been ripped before.

From TEPCO's "Photos for Press" (4/5/2012):

The water was rich in beta nuclides according to TEPCO, who released the data without specifying the locations where they took the samples ("upstream dam No.1, downstream dams No.2 and 3..."). The unit is per cubic centimeter, and no breakdown of which beta nuclides they detected.


Steve From Virginia said...

It might be possible for Tepco to find cheaper, more flimsy plastic pipe for its critical water recycling systems but it is hard to see how.

The question never goes away: how is Tepco supposed to manage this site with this equipment and these reactors with so little resources ... for fifty more years?

Anonymous said...

Shoelace and chewing gum.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

This is how they are trying to sve the planet by using a disgusting mixture of plastic and metal and duct tape...

David Icke was right, they are radiating the atmosphere for their own occult reasons! This is absolutely insane now! I am going nuts over in Canada trying to tell people just how unbelievable this all is, and I have about 20% success rate. No one cares, or even KNOWS there is ANYTHING going on in Japan. They care more about baseball.... just pathetic.

Thank you for your news!

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