Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leaders? They Don't Need No Stinkin' Leaders!

Now that the Egyptian government's attempt to scare the citizenry into submission by withdrawing the police and unleashing the government-sanctioned and -sponsored thugs and looters on the street has met with failure, a new spin is on on the West's MSM:

Egyptians need a leader who is responsive to their aspirations.

Mohamed ElBaradei is being pushed heavily by the PTB in the West to be that leader, particularly by the US. (When you see the comment like this coming from him, you know that, don't you? - "It sent a message everywhere to the Arab world that, to quote Barack Obama, 'Yes, we can,' you know, that it is doable.")

Even Al Jazeera seems to have joined the chorus of looking for a leader for this Egyptian revolution which has been, so far, leader-less.

But look at these proud, ancient people, defending their families, neighborhoods, cities, from government thugs. Do they look like they need a leader to tell them what to do and what to think?

The other spin is well and alive, that the dangerous radical Islamism is spreading. Uh huh. Muslim Brotherhood has been all but absent. Radical, Muslim looters turned out to be in the government employ. Neighborhood watch is done by Muslim and Christian neighbors. Again, do you think these people you see in these pictures want to subjugate themselves to another tyranny, after getting rid of (I hope very soon) one tyranny? Do they look scared? Do you think anyone want to mess with them?

I don't think so.

Freedom, self-determination, self-organization. That's what's spreading. A very dangerous idea indeed, for the ruling class. Thus this rush to find them a "leader".

From Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany:

And again, this picture from AFP: men defending the national museum that houses artifacts and treasures of their 5000-year history.

Khaled Desouki/Agence France-Presse:


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