Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haruki "the Detarame (Falsehood)" Madarame's Furious Backtracking on His Remark about Recriticality in Reactor 1 at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

He senses a danger that his cushy and prestigious position as the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission is in jeopardy over his alleged remark which may have caused the delay in cooling the Reactor 1 RPV.

It is hard to believe he is a scientist and not a lawyer or politician. With that fine parsing ability of the words, he could make a wonderful assistant to a certain President of the United States (there are many candidates).

First, it was reported (see my post) that when Japan's Prime Minister Kan sought the advice from Madarame regarding the seawater injection to the Reactor 1 Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) on the evening of March 12 (by which time, now we all know, the entire core melted down) Madarame said:

"There is a possibility of recriticality if seawater is injected."

After that remark was publicly announced at the government-TEPCO joint press conference, Madarame was furious, and took it as a personal insult (see my post). His rebuttal?

"I couldn't have said such a thing."

But then, a talk ensued among the concerned parties including Madarame, and a "compromise" remark emerged. Now, Madarame's remark is modified thus:

"The possibility of recriticality if seawater is injected is not zero."

To an uncritical, non-scientific mind, that still means "there is a possibility".

Not so. The latest narrative coming from this ex-Tokyo University professor and current chief of the Nuclear Safety Commission who assured PM Kan that "the nuclear reactors at Fukushima are OK, they will never explode" on their trip to the plant on March 12 morning is this (from Yomiuri Shinbun article in Japanese):

"When I say 'the possibility is not zero', it means 'it is practically zero'."

Let me know when you figure that out.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is he was right. It is possible, or they would not have had to pump boron in again, a couple days ago.

He's trying to replace truth he already told with a lie. Fat lot of good that will do.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Statements like that are easy to figure out it is just like Clinton asking for the definition of "is" or Bush's "Mission Accomplished & Brownie you're doing a heck of a job" Top level liars know they will never be called their moronic statements in any meaningful manner. In the highly unlikely event that Dr. "Detarame" is deposed by the truth I'm sure he'll fall into the waiting arms of some nuclear nanny waiting to wet nurse him back to health.

I won't be surprise if Dr."D" is put in charge of something important like reviewing reports monitoring public health. "Just because the children got sick doesn't mean they're not healthy"

Anonymous said...

I am sick of this he said she said game Kan, Tepco and Detarame are doing....

whomeco said...

Have you ever checked this?


Anonymous said...

why has reactor 4 info disappeared?


?n=2 all function, but for
?n=4, you just get taken back to
http://atmc.jp/plant/rad/, a summary page of charts of the readings for reactors 1-3 & 5-6

but no reactor 4

what's happened?

is reactor 4 now the great unmentionable?

Anonymous said...

atmc is not so good. use tepco data. also, reactor 4 is offline and empty, so no instrumentation.

FranSix said...

Something is better than nothing. That's why I enjoy Diet Coke instead of Coke Zero.

Anonymous said...

OK what happened to all the post Robbie001 put up in the last 24 hrs? I have been following him and it looks like blogspot is erasing some of his comments.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Anon, not so, I'm afraid, re: reactor 4.

Info was previously given on it - I have screen shot of ?n=4 reading from 19 April, which shows surpression chamber (S/C) reading for Reactor 4 of 4,350Sv/hr that day.

On 4 April, the reading given for Reactor 4 S/C was 5,000Sv/hr. And separate readings were given every day between 4 April-19 April.

Reactor 4 spent fuel pool is/was full of Plutonium - Tepco itself admitted that 1,331 used fuel rods (135 tons, says US NRC) and 204 unused fuel rods were stored in it - plus eight reactor cores!

Fairewinds' Arnie Gundersen has said worst case scenario is Reactor 4 spent fuel pool catching fire, on account of all the Plutonium it contains.

And now info previously given on Reactor 4 has gone.

And USGS recording 5.9mag quake off Honshu in past few days.

Confidence isn't high, frankly, that Japan can ever recover from this.

I am so sorry as I love Japanese people, culture, and food, and know of two people (brothers of friends) who live in Tokyo.

The heart weeps.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

IMO Google is acting pretty flaky lately let's see if this message disappears.

OK the IAEA shows up to "get to the bottom" of things and the first thing they do is stop asking for information. Such a good industry lapdog they are going to put all the stuff they learned about covering up the impact of Chernobyl to work at Fukushima.

"The Japan Meteorological Agency has stopped giving projections of the spread of radioactive substances from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant as the International Atomic Energy Agency is no longer asking for them, JMA officials said Wednesday"


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