Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 Millisievert/hour Radiation from a Truck in Iwaki City in Fukushima??

Well, you can't watch the video below any more, as it has become "private" for some reason on Youtube. It was public. I have seen it at a members-only site.

The video was posted on this Japanese site on July 15, and it is supposed to be the radiation level measured on July 13 on a small truck parked in Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, near Onahama.

Someone is holding the personal survey meter, standing, facing the street. The survey meter shows between 0.17 to 0.45 or so microsievert/hour. The person approaches a small white truck parked on a small parking lot at the side of the road. The survey meter quickly rises above 1 microsievert/hour, then 10, and 20 microsieverts/hour.

The highest level of radiation is measured on the truck bed. As the person slowly lowers the survey meter to the floor of the bed, it goes from several tens of microsieverts/hour to 100 microsieverts/hour, then rapidly rises to 150, 380, and before it reaches the bottom the meter goes overscale and shows just "8888".

The person also measures the front right tire, which measures 17 microsieverts/hour. Inside the truck, the radiation is also very high. The survey meter goes quickly above 80 microsieverts/hour close to the seat.

As the person walks away from the truck, the radiation level quickly drops down to below 1 microsievert/hour, back to between 0.1 to 0.50 microsievert/hour.

The video you cannot see any more on Youtube. The title says "July 13, 2011 Radiation level in Onahama, Iwaki City":

I can give you a few screen shots though...

As the person approaches the truck:

The highest number on the truck bed before the meter goes overscale:

Interior of the truck:

(H/T Dr. Ono)


STeVe the JeW said...

all of this shit is useful... from an anecdotal standpoint.

but without standards based verification it remains just that... anecdotal.

that said, everyone with accurate info from the area should post on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the download file on youtube or a download site that you viewed?

The world needs to see this.

Anonymous said...

"STeVe the JeW said...
all of this shit is useful..."

.. in convincing yourself to buy a meter."

fixed it for 'ya

Anonymous said...

This video makes the tweet from the nurse more credible. Acute radiation sickness will occur much faster if a drives sits in his 1millisievert/h 2 or 3hrs a day... and works in highly contaminated environnement (where did the truck get contaminated so much ?)

Anonymous said...

"(where did the truck get contaminated so much ?)"

Owner's been busy.

Anonymous said...

People in Tchernobyl stole trucks and parts from Radioactive graveyards, not realising that they were very dangerous to be near.

I'm not saying he stole the truck, but he may have helped people retrieve stuff from their homes in it, and it got irradiated that way.

You can't see it, feel it or smell it, but it kills you slowly.

Anonymous said...

1millisievert/hr will kill you slowly that's for sure, but much quicker than 10microsievert/hr...

truck could be contaminated driving in the zone ? but some zones are more contaminated outside anyway, so it could be anywhere. But if the background radiation is 3.6 or even 10microsievert, how can the truck have a 1millisievert dose ?

Anonymous said...

"The highest level of radiation is measured on the truck bed."

"The survey meter goes quickly above 80 microsieverts/hour close to the seat."

Driver's been busy, don't care what he's been doing, but he's the man to ask.

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