Monday, August 15, 2011

China's State Oceanic Administration: Wider Ocean Contamination Than Japanese Government Has Admitted

(UPDATE-CORRECTION: the contaminated area according to the Chinese is "252,000 square-kilometer", and not "252,000 square-meter" as in the initial post.)

China sent a survey ship and taking seawater samples off the coast of Fukushima back in June and July. The State Oceanic Administration now says the contamination of the Pacific Ocean may extend as far as 800 kilometers (497 miles) off the coast of Fukushima, as reported by the Science and Technology Daily (ST Daily) in China, according to Asahi Shinbun.

(STDaily's original article in Chinese is here.)

From Asahi Shinbun (12:08PM JST 8/16/2011):


China's State Oceanic Administration cites the result of the environmental survey it did in the western Pacific Ocean off the coast of Fukushima and says a much wider area of the Pacific Ocean is contaminated with radioactive materials than the Japanese government has announced, and that the possibility cannot be eliminated that radioactive materials have entered the ocean under the Chinese control".


The Chinese paper "Science and Technology Daily (electronic version)" reported on August 15 as the State Oceanic Administration's written response to their inquiry.


According to the State Oceanic Administration, the area said to be affected by radioactive materials is a 252,000 square-kilometer [corrected] area inside the 800 kilometer off the coast of Fukushima. Cesium-137 was found maximum 300 times the level found in the Chinese coastal waters, and strontium-90 was found maximum 10 times the level.


The State Oceanic Administration conducted the survey in June and July in the Western Pacific, in response to the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.

In a separate piece of news, 5,000 angry residents of Chengdu in Sichuan Province in China closed off the roads [to the city?] to protest the frequent power outage, according to Yomiuri Shinbun citing Hong Kong's Oriental Daily.


Anonymous said...

And what of their nuke submarine accident in Dalian? Any news?

Anonymous said...

Yes - I was thinking the same thing. Very clever of the Chinese. Hats off to them for

a) diverting attention away from their nuclear sub accident.
b) scoring points with critics of Japan
c) appearing to care about the ocean.

They have won the trifecta of environmental concern. Very clever of them.

Primavera, a lot of people are reading your site. You would do wonders for your credibility and integrity if you avoid posting things from obscure Japanese comedians and Chinese agencies.

Anonymous said...

"You would do wonders for your credibility and integrity if you avoid posting things from obscure Japanese comedians and Chinese agencies."

Get used to the new sources because there will be more of those "unimpressive" sources going forward. And there will be little else. That comedian couple attends many press conferences about the ongoing issues and has enough public following to have a voice. It seems idiotic to dismiss them as incredible and making things seem unauthoritative is exactly what "they" want.

As for the Chinese, who cares if they have an agenda. Anything that draws attention to an issue underrepresented in the MSM is good in my book.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the man dreaming he's a butterfly, or is it the butterfly dreaming he's a man?

That is, is it a putative Chinese nuke sub accident in Dalian that's the problem?

Or the tonnes of nuke-infected detritus leaking into the Pacific Ocean that stands hard by several Japanese melted-down nuke reactor cores and exploded spent nuke fuel pools?

Put another way, would we prefer to be drowned or strangled? Not really much of choice, in the end, is it?

Meanwhile, happy to report that Rokkasho's accepting nuke waste shipments again, although given the lack of storage space up there, Japan's nuke plants only have 12 years left to run, it seems:

“Japan has 1,000 tons of spent fuel coming out of reactors every year, and there are 7 more years before the spent fuel pools are filled,” said Taro Kono, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker and opponent of nuclear power.

“Tokyo Electric Power Co. is building a facility that will give us another 5 years, so after 12 years we have no place to put spent fuel,” said Kono. “At that point nuclear reactors will be shut because there’s no place for the fuel.”

Stock said...

You know, they ought to put those TEPCO management into jail, nationalize all company assets (they are so toast anyway), bring in some Ukranian military and US military, get the old school retired Japanese plant operators and engineers, and 500,000 other workers and volunteers, and fight this thing the way it ought to be fought.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a question of believability, and of consistency. In one post the Chinese are accused of hiding a nuclear sub accident. In another post we see they have buried a derailed train in order to hide evidence. Yet in this post they are a considered a reputable source of info. After a while it starts to look like the quality of the information doesn't matter, as long as the info agrees with my worldview. But at the end of the day it's not my blog, so I guess I should shut up.

Anonymous said...

The Kushiro current makes that statement impossible. The Chinese are full of guano.

Anonymous said...

FUD (fear-doubt-uncertainty) only works if the entire world didn't see very large, very visible nuclear reactors blowing up sky high.

And then looked at the smouldering wreckage for days, weeks, months.

Sitting right next to the ocean.

While Japan's government, and its major electricity utility, lied and lied and lied about what they knew, and when.

The lies continue.

What the Chinese do at this point is irrelevant.

Japan's nuclear criminals just polluted the main island's entire north-eastern coastal waters, effectively for all time, to fill that important niche market: glow-in-the-dark sushi. Let them dine on it for the rest of their lives.

A propos of Rokkasho, this piece fills in a little of the history of its development as a nuclear waste dumping ground,

Quite fascinating is that Rokkasho was a resettlement area for the puppeteers returning from Manchuguo:

After the war, following the Comprehensive Land Development Law of 1950 and the Electric Power Development and Promotion Law of 1952, the electric power companies with regional monopoly cooperated with national policies to promote development of giant regional electric power sources. When selection of locations for nuclear power complexes began in the 1960s, places chosen from Tōhoku were Fukushima prefecture’s coastal zone, which was poor enough to be called “Fukushima’s Tibet,” and Aomori prefecture’s Rokkasho, which was a postwar settlement for repatriates from Manchuria. They had migrated to Manchuria in the period of economic crises in the 1930's under government policies which promoted the transfer of Japanese farmers to colonies and occupied areas.

From one genocide to another, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The reported figure for the area affected by radioactive materials doesn't make sense. 252,000 square meters is a 500-meter by 500-meter square.

whomeco said...

Hi LAPRIMAVERA. You can watch the TV program "ETV special: Fukushima Nuke accident from American view" here.

Part 1


STeVe the JeW said...

i wonder what type of resentment the people of the united states would hold towards the nation of japan if japan had invaded the u.s., slaughtered millions of people in the most heinous fashion, and then proceeded to destroy our society and political system to the point that all we could manage after that was a sociopathic, dictatorial shitfest known as the chinese communist party.

i wonder.

Bruce Hayden said...

They tried but failed at that once already.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, but the CCP resisted going down the nuclear route until the late 1980s. Then, a flurry of contracts were signed - with GE, Westinghouse and so on - in the early 2000s.

China might have avoided a world of hurt if it had stayed away. Because slowly, surely the poisons spread.

I mean, it's not like there are ever any earthquakes in China, are there?

And the autonomous region of Mongolia is already being singled out to become wider Asia's nuclear dumping ground - following lobbying by METI, Toshiba and the US DoE - according to this report:

So Mongolia gets to be the new Rokkasho? Looks like that Larry Summers play all over again:

Anonymous said...

"You would do wonders for your credibility and integrity if you avoid posting things from obscure Japanese comedians and Chinese agencies." you rumor monger, listen to this. please, misguided people following these things, avoid these news sources & only use the state approved News Agencies that are rumor free.

Anonymous said...

Japan = "Please be calm and contented. Nothing is wrong. Radiation is good. You can consume it safely."

China = "We are being poisoned."

Europe = "We are being poisoned."

Russia = "We are being poisoned."

Canada = "We will not test. We don't care about our Public."

America = "We totally refuse to test. We hate our public. We only want their money. We want them to die."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing a platform for this information. I come here several times a week at least to get the Fukushima latest. Although I doubt many retards here in America give a shit (what with people happily swimming in the Gulf of Corexit). I think it's important to know about what's happening in your neck of the woods..

Maybe one day soon we'll smarten up. Until then, we might just blow ourselves up!

Brother Slavo

Anonymous said...

The units value is wrong in the English version of the Asahi Shimbun story about ocean contamination. in the Japanese, it says 25,200 square kilometers.

Anonymous said...

You folks putting crap on China, need to wake up to yourselves. The fact is you clowns have screwed the Northern Hemisphere up for everyone. Everyone in Japan is toast and many others in the North and Chinese nuclear sub accident or not, Fukushima is the granddaddy of all Nuclear accidents. As for caring for the ocean, since when do the great Whale murderers really give a stuff?

At least China is making an effort on all fronts, they are a great nation with a vast array of problems to deal with but they make the USA and its clownish hangers on like Japan look like the failing collapsing systems they have become.

You do realise Fukushima will be spewing out radiation for the next fifty to 100 years don't you?

david Stanley said...

maybe the Radioactivity is coming from that sub>?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Correction: area of contamination according to the Chinese authority is:

252,000 square kilometers

according to the Asahi Japanese article.

Anonymous said...

At what point do united responsible people intervene the destruction of the earth by self serving criminals of any nation or state.

Anonymous said...

Ahh. The elephant in the room has stirred. I wonder what'll happen when the Chinese demand compensation for polluted fishing grounds.

Anonymous said...

that nuke sub accident was probably a load of bollocks, there is no nuke submarine port in Dalian, you just don't tie up a nuke sub at any ferry terminal. Restriction around the sea was more likely to do with the sea trial of the (ex-Soviet) first Chinese carrier. Japanese military analyst ?? Second source anyone ?

Anonymous said...

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