Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hokkaido Governor Allows the Re-Start of Tomari Nuke Plant Reactor 3

The Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident may be becoming a distant and inconvenient memory for many, including the governor of Hokkaido Harumi Takahashi, a former elite bureaucrat in what is now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

She has just approved the formal re-start of Tomari Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 3, despite the protest literally from all over the country. It will be the first re-start of any reactor that has been in maintenance or shut-down after the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, and Tomari Reactor 3 will simply switch from the long (since March) post-maintenance test-run to full commercial run without undergoing the so-called "stress test" after the Nuclear Safety Commission rubber-stamped and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency immediately approved.

Governor Takahashi has been receiving campaign donations from executives at Hokkaido Electric Power Company (link in Japanese), and she says she will continue to do so as she sees nothing technically wrong with it.

Reactor 3 of Tomari Nuclear Power Plant was designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and will use MOX-fuel, i.e. in Japanese English, "pluthermal". MOX-fuel will come from France, according to HEPCO (that's Hokkaido Electric Power Company)'s "Pluthermal" webpage (in Japanese).

The Hokkaido prefectural government held a special committee meeting on August 16 to decide whether to allow the re-start of Tomari Reactor 3; the meeting lasted well into the late night, where even the committee members shouted at her that she had already made up her mind and was just trying to fit everything with that conclusion, according to FNN News (in Japanese).

It's all about money, as Haruki "Detarame" Madarame of the Nuclear Safety Commission said in 2006. It applies to those "genpatsu (nuclear power plant)" towns as well as the "genpatsu" governors like her.


Stock said...

very sad this can happen in light of the evidence against nuclear.

Anonymous said...

Well, after reading this article about TEPCOs plant and the state of it I am stunned.
As a old Pros. Ind. worker I am shocked. Its a fu.. mess and a maintainans filosofy that made it to just a matter of time before a fullblown catasrofe ocure, and it did, infact 3 meltdown and some pols lucking in the backgrownd.


The blame to this mess is easy to unrawel, its just the level of corruption thats the main obstacle, we all now that by now.
All of the are chriminal, and some of the made the comands, just follow the papirtrail, like money, they always ends up somwhere.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

Well, she obviously cares MUCH more about money than all the citizens she said she cared about, when she was running for election!

Remember when you are "electing" politicians it's NOT for the people's good and well being...it is for BIG BUSINESSES well being and benefits!

Answer this simple question: Where does a politician's MOST money to run come from?
Then THAT, is who they will be loyal to!

So, that pretty much shows where people rank on the "don't give a shit" scale!

Anonymous said...

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Good, so now I will comment on the likelihood of your spelling in contrast to the concepts you presented.

Perhaps a more believable string of spelling errors is in order? Give it a go.

Anonymous said...

In few years Japan will understand the dangers of playing with radiation as kids and adults begin dying of cancer all over. You can't hide from radiation Japan, sooner or later you dance with the ripper :)

Bruce Hayden said...

Give Anonymous a break Anonymous! Instead of berating him/her you should be happy that this person is trying to write in English. The incorrect spellings are consistent with an Asian's way of pronunciation and guessing at spellings. Besides that, there is nothing trollish in the message. You grammar police are as bad as the TSA sometimes. Ugly. The MLK quote is worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

"You grammar police are as bad as the TSA sometimes. Ugly."

Funny you should mention the TSA. Perhaps I was still recovering from the guy with "the STACKS", as if the only worth focusing on w/the entirety of Fukushima were "global irradiating STACKS". So off the wall w/that site of his I was wondering if the spellings were too similar to what they should have been for the range of concepts presented?
Based on that thinking I'll reserve the "trolling" descriptor. I've seen more believable that turned out to be trolls.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm feeling especially sarcastic today, I'll borrow Mr. Denninger's phrase from this page based on the desirability of 'investing in anonymous' spelling mistakes',

"This is some sort of bad joke, right?"

You see, the minions of TEPCO are as believable as, say, an American company who owns many MSM outlets. They're not.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

dan't warry avout zpilling, wee intalligant ant git yar missage acroz :) radition bad!

renevers said...

you can quickly calculate that the lack of cheap power is more costly in human lifes and YEARS of life age expectancy because of poverty , than radiation damage and some DAYS life age-reduction because of that. Japan should upgrade all its existing Nuc plants for the type of accident in Fukoshima, by placing extra backup tsunami resitant diesel and battery powerunits and continue with its plants. It should convert to more secure G3+ nuclear plants in the future like Areva EPR type reactors or equivalent, to compensate for the dangerous earthquake conditions in Japan. Wind and solar would leave Japan cold, poor and miserable in the future. Premier Kan is very wrong in his initial anti nuclear plans, he should resign; he lacks the steel nerves that are neccesary in these conditions. I heard that the suicide rate in Japan OUTSIDE the Fukoshima district is exploding , one of the reasons POVERTY kills by dark economic prospects.

renevers said...

Premier Kan did a good job stabilizing the economy after the disaster, but why proposing fasing nuclear energy out? Why not making it safer and propose that? Imagine an industrial country with debt 230% of GNP, without nuclear power and own energy sources...Yens will go as low as latin peso's with every barrel of oil imported. Prosperity would be something of the past. The man is clearly not aware of the scope of the antinuclear remark. The German governement of miss Merkel is even more off targett, without an own German accident it is proposing a complete nuclear leave. Society goes too good , and that makes man mentally lazy and risc weary.
Are these political follies driving those economic Condratiev cycles?

Anonymous said...

And those minions, Bruce, they work for that Big company, and they know (no?) we, We, cater to the average-type intellect, the type that can only find a job these days in .. the military. So they generate comments that speak of design, a design to dissipate and a design to identify. Those minions, Bruce.

Been over to enews lately? They pop in, drop their garbled-spelling one-timers and leave, cackling to themselves. They're not really doing that, are they Bruce? Those Big company irregulars?

"The blame to this mess is easy to unrawel, .. we all now that by now."

It's a "facty linky", for you, is it?

"THE BIRDS WERE INSTANTLY GRILLED - - FELL SMOKED ONTO GROUND ... warned us not to touch the grilled smoking radiating heaps ..", is it?

Anonymous said...

There will arrive a moment when the noon sky turns black and the earth beneath shakes frequently and there will still be some selling “insurance policies” with others high-fiving their, “Been there, done that”, exploits. Why? Because when a human lacks the realisation of his true infrastructure/purpose/duty, he only has stupidity or dumbness as his choices, Stupidity being Dumbness expressed and Dumbness being Stupidity suppressed. The problem then is to bet on whether that thang is being stupid or is she merely being dumb or perhaps justification is then the better option. Tick, tock, tick, tock ….. Bang. Been there, done that. Next …..

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:29,

can't disagree with that, and in that spirit doesn't it strike you as a little pre-adolescent to label calling out a troll as "Ugly".

and with that, done with the "Bruce moment"

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