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508 Millisievert Annual Cumulative Radiation at 3 Kilometers from Fukushima I Nuke Plant

How do you even begin to decontaminate the area like that, not to mention returning people even on a temporary basis?

The Ministry of Education and Science announced the annual cumulative radiation levels within the no-entry evacuation zone within the 20-kilometer radius from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, and at the highest place - 3 kilometers west by southwest of the plant - it would be 508 millisieverts in one year from March 11, 2011.

From Asahi Shinbun (8/20/2011):


On August 19 the Ministry of Education and Science announced the amount of cumulative radiation within the no-entry evacuation zone within the 20-kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. The highest estimated cumulative radiation in one year from the day of the accident would be 508.1 millisieverts in Koirino in Okuma-machi in Fukushima Prefecture, located at 3 kilometers west by southwest of the plant. It reinforces the fear that decontamination effort would be difficult. The lowest was 3-plus millisieverts in Kodaka-ku in Minami Soma City. The numbers differ significantly within the 20-kilometer radius.


Of 9 municipalities within the no-entry zone, 50 locations in 8 municipalities were surveyed. The cumulative radiation levels were estimated by assuming people would spend 8 hours outdoors, and stay 16 hours indoors in wooden houses everyday for 1 year until March 11 of 2012.


35 locations out of 50 would exceed 20 millisieverts per year, which was used to determine the planned evacuation zone. In Okuma-machi where Fukushima I Nuke Plant is located, all 12 locations surveyed would exceed 20 millisieverts, with 7 exceeding 100 millisieverts. The highest number in Koirino in Okuma-machi is 508.1 millisieverts, which is equal to 500 years worth of the annual radiation exposure limit for non-nuclear workers (1 millisievert).


In Namie-machi, the highest would be 223.7 millisieverts per year at Kawafusa, 20 kilometers northwest of the plant. The lowest would be 4.1 millisieverts at a location 8 kilometers north of the plant.


The temporary return of residents within the 3-kilometer radius from the plant is being discussed, and this result will be consulted, according to the Ministry of Education and Science.

The national government is planning to allow the residents temporarily returning to their homes within the 20-kilometer radius to bring in their cars and load up whatever they can from their homes.


Unknown said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

Shefi said...

I think those returning residents should be fine, as long as they don't talk to anyone, don't touch anything, don't do anything, don't interact with anyone, and try not to look at anything.

Anonymous said...

Important article from Bloomberg (I posted it already on the thread below re: food) regarding NISA's admission that 770,000 TeraBq of radioactivity were released into air, March 11-16:

This means that 14% of total emitted by Chernobyl was emitted at Fukushima in less than a week. And that's just into the air - what about releases to groundwater? rivers? sea?

Apolline said...

Hello, Arevamirpal, look at this post and the video attached, it's interesting :

Friendly frenchy

Anonymous said...

Sorry but "" doesn't pass the sniff test.

Mr. Arto Lauri star of the park bench video isn't a scientist or a nuclear expert. The only information I can find on him says he was a electrician that possibly has schizophrenia. From what I can find Mr. Lauri doesn't have the credentials to make a proper ham sandwich much less a coherent conspiracy theory. People like Arnie Gundersen, and Chris Busby while controversial actually have a record of expertise, Mr. Lauri not so much.

The same faulty thinking can be found at the poorly thought out link. The person who wrote that blog doesn't know the difference between neutrinos and neutrons and sometimes they just make up words (neureon beam) to go along with their made up "science". This is just more Jim Stone styled nonsense to detract away from the real facts. Why can't the tsunami just be a natural event not unlike all the past tsunami that happened before man even walked the Earth? Why does a poorly maintained 40 year old reactor sited at the edge of a major Earthquake/Tsunami zone need anything more than Nature to lay it low? I blame TV too many people get their science knowledge from scifi and ghostbusting shows reality just isn't interesting enough for some people.

I am willing to concede that Arto may be a nuclear something or other in Finland but this would need to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. If anyone can prove this park bench warmer has any scientific credentials please post them along with all the peer reviewed papers he has published proving he has any expertise beyond screwing in a light bulb.

Anonymous said...

An interesting site with radiation test results for Tokyo:

Anonymous said...

to quote a commenter from,

"That’s a question I ask myself everyday. How much longer will this SILENCE continue? "

Check this map,

Silence .. of the Alaskans? Dosed better than any in North America.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:47

Thank you for the link. Note that the article does include some propaganda such as this:
"While 203 people were hospitalized and 31 died after the explosion at Chernobyl,...."

This is patently false. The hospitalizations alone were revealed, after the Soviet Union collapsed and classified documents were exposed and public hearings were held, to be in the thousands within just the first few days of the disaster but the Soviet government continued to tell people there was 'no harm to health' and nothing to worry about. The death tole of 31 persons is a pathetic lie straight from the Soviet era - so the article you linked may be of some interest but it carries very serious, intentional lies with it.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for seeking some entertainment,

I was wondering if 'Arto OUT!', the guy with the "STACKS", "steaming radiating heaps" of "grilled birds", could comment on this section from the link below,

Fukushima nuclear radiation false flag triggered by HAARP?

I see there's a HAARP facility in Tromso, Norway, next to his dear Finland,
and, of course,
one in silent Gakona Alaska , most heavily-dosed in N.A.

(Keeping in mind that the real purpose of HAARP is to communicate with submarines capable of long-duration underwater dives)

How 'bout those "high pressure zones", Arto OUT!?


DougR56 said...

Anonymous said... check it out

FigNewton said...

What date are those soil sample tests from? I don't see any dates associated with the tests on I might be just missing it..

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@FigNewton, within 20-kilometer radius, the government (Ministry of Education) and TEPCO have been doing the measurement. is a private citizen organization testing on their own. It was started by an independent journalist that I've covered in this blog (Kota Kinoshita).

I don't think any citizens' group can enter 20-kilometer no-entry zone.

Kyotoresident said...

I think there are dates (採取日) in PDF file showing results. They are mostly in June with a few in July.

FigNewton said...

@ Kyotoresident.

Of course! Thanks.. I was only looking at the map pdf at first.

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