Thursday, August 18, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Toshiba's SARRY Starts Full Operation

The contaminated water treatment system, which has been plagued with troubles since the full run started in late June, now has Toshiba's SARRY. It is hoped that the water treatment system can now run in a stable manner to decrease the amount of the highly contaminated water at the plant.

By changing the connections TEPCO can use all three systems, or bypass one or more if there's a problem.

SARRY ("Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System") can run on its own, without Kurion or AREVA, and still be able to achieve the reduction of radioactive materials in the water to 1-millionth, or so it's claimed in the article by Asahi Shinbun. We'll see.

From TEPCO's handout for the press on August 18:


Anonymous said...

Just curious. So the SARRY system, like the others, filters out the radioactive materials..making a very highly contaminated stew. Where is THAT material going to be stored-it will be extremely dangerous, full of high radiation (trillions of sieverts). Correct if wrong, but there is no way to de-radiate the materials. The process filters out the worst radiation particles with a type of "reverse Osmosis" process. The filters, and filtered sludge will still exist. Better, however, than dumping all the fluids from washing down the plants--into the ground or ocean! Somehow the ongoing radioactive process making more materials has got to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

SARRY... that's about as close to an apology as we'll ever get from Tepco.

Viola said...

@anon 12:51 PM

lol! It's been weeks so. made me laugh like that...

@anon 12:12 PM

I guess a lot of people mull over that since the treatment of water begun. According to TEPCO'S announcements

they have 192 vessels while 129 being used until 8/16/2011
*sarcasm on* Hm... dumping into the sea isn't allowed anymore, what a pity! Bu wait - La Hague has got a big tunnel to get rid of radiated liquids... *sarcasm off*


Looking at the handout makes me wonder about something else:
There's an "accumulated water transfer pump" inside the "High temperature incineration building". Does that mean problems there are bigger than they announce? We already know there's water inside that should not be there and leaks to nonsurveyed areas... Is SARRY supposed to deal with that water instead of the reactor's one? Who knows!

netudiant said...

While there is no doubt that a custom build filter set such as SARRY should perform, fact is that NHK already has reported one stoppage, attributed to rust from the pipes clogging the filter. So we are not out of the woods yet. Imho, the water cleanup will take well into next year, as TEPCO is gradually admitting.
Anonymous raises the excellent point that end result will be a lot of very radioactive filters, which is precisely the problem the Kurion system was designed to deal with, glassifying its contaminated filters at relatively low temperature, thereby sealing in the cesium for the next few thousand years until it had decayed. The SARRY system does not appear to have this aspect of disposal thought out as yet.
The cost of this ongoing disaster is far beyond TEPCOs ability. I assume the various clean up contracts are under the signature or guarantee of the Japanese government. It would be useful to know for sure, because that would clarify who is really in charge of this process.

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