Sunday, September 18, 2011

60,000-Strong Anti Nuke Rallies in Meiji Park in Tokyo

or so the organizers say. But the number of participants are likely to have exceeded the target of 50,000, as many who are on the scene are tweeting.

Here's the link that you can watch:

Even the MSM (TV Asahi) is reporting that there are 30,000 people demonstrating against nuke.

Japanese people are slow to get started, but give them a bit more time. The number of protesters are getting bigger. (I mean, for Japan.)


Tokyo Brown Tabby said...

It was reported in TBS evening news, too. The number of participants was reported to be "over 20,000." Nobel Prize winner Kentaro Oe and journalist Keiko Ochiai were present at the demonstration, as far as I could see on the screen.

Anonymous said...

Get people on the streets lets kick some pro-nuclear ass...

Anonymous said...

That was a nice demo, my first one in Japan. It is a bit different than in Europa, quite calm and the demonstration is even stopping for red traffic lights... But police was nice and I did not see any riot police on track C.

The majority of the people in the demonstration were quite old. I had a bit the feeling that the Japanese 68 generation came out again. But the young Japanese have no experience about demonstration. Hopefully their grand parents will teach them.

My impression was that is was more closer to 50 or 60 thousand than to 20 or 30 thousand. Anyway, an important step forward!

Viola said...

Kyodo reports 60.000 on the english site (unfortunately, I don't have ull access there). I watched ustream and was very pleased! Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

I stress the notion on the way out of this mess, and shutt down the nuclear ind.
We all have been indoctrinated in the so caled Global Warming teory, and some how the nucls manage to wigle thems self into this notion of Green and untiented energy that was going to last forever.Lied about AGW a notion that is copletly wrong and is to day debunked completly. And on that basis they shutted down Coal ind. the biggest and wide spread ind in the world.
A ind. that gave work to people in numbers that the nucl ind never was able to match.

The lie is the nucl safty, we just need one bigg accident and we got it.
A meltout and a meltthrue of posible 3 reactorcore into the ground, its not even posible to be a wurser case then the Fukushima accident.
And its there.
We can go back to coal and clean it as good as posible and in the mean time work on alternative energy that actualy works on a larger scale.

There is no danger in this CO2 hysterical hyping and dogma, its not a reality at all.
We polut, yes we do, but CO2 is infact food.
For plants.
Nuclear is the moust insane and dangerous way of boiling water ever invented by man, its time to shutt them down. And the cowerups and lies must stop.
This is a chrime againts us all, not only in Japan, but eventualy the intire world.

Anonymous said...

Like I told Enenewsers, there's a NEW MAIN at HP about the Protest.
This Thread will be very Active for 1 DAY ONLY
So we need all the Anti-Nuke Voices on that thread NOW!! GO tell posters how you feel! Get 'em while it's (thread) HOT! (moderated btw)
Thank you - hope to see you there!

moonkai aka nelson311 said...

IT WAS 60 000 people ... I was there ... I talked to some of the organizers ! Wooohooooo !!!
One of the biggest rally in Japan ever .... one more next week ! Every week ! Death to TEPCO, IAEA, AREVA and all the nuke gang ! HANG THE NUKE GANG !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moonkai!! Wow! That's wonderful news!!
Every week HERE ON OUT I hope!!
America should join in!!
Whoopie aka WeMustDoBetter @ HP

moonkai aka nelson311 said...

This week was a national holiday in Japan ... so all the elder people had time to come out. + there were a lot of Labor unions involved !
But last week, was young and a bit violent ! Next week! Young Japanese know how to revolt ! Soon, there will be no more nukes in Japan ! Fight is on ! Save the children of Fukushima !
evacuate fukushima youtube

Kyotoresident said...

Great to see Japanese people standing up and protesting. This is a big demo given that there was so little publicity. I hope that the momentum increases and there are more and bigger demos to come. If anyone hears of demos in kansai area, please let me know.

I recently saw a horizon documentary by BBC called "Is nuclear power safe?" dealing with Fukushima. It claimed to be unbiased and presented by a nuclear physicist yet to make up his mind if nuclear power was safe. Perhaps not surprisingly given his job, he found it was safe. Worth watching but obviously misleading in places. For example, it gives the impression that only iodine and cesium were released. It also gives the impression that radioactivity was only released in the original explosion.
Available at

Anonymous said...

Then I'll leave ya alone
Thanks for all you do EX-Skf!!

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised. I expected the industrial brainwashing machine to be 95% under control of what people think and know in Japan.
It seems that there are some who can wake up, that is so great. Feels like in the movie "Matrix", and the question is of course, will the mass wake up or is this just a false alarm, a wet firework that will stop there?
Congratulation Ex-SKF, you are one who is helping this to come to to term.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after Chernobyl there was Glasnost, in Japan its the opposite of Glasnost.... close ranks, keep it all secret and deny everything... Gladly social media is waking the masses up to the shit that is happening and the crimes of the Jap government

Anonymous said...

Hello from the least free people in the free world, America, the propaganda ground zero of the global nuclear industry. They tell us nuclear is safe, clean and cheap when it is none of those things. Now they sell nuclear as "alternative energy." Save the planet from carbon dioxide by contaminating it with plutonium. Brilliant! What could go wrong?

Johntaro said...

Lots of positive energy there. It sure looks like the balance of popular opinion has reached the tipping point. When you see a typical Japanese “female idol group” singing an anti-nuke song(like the all-girl group, Seifuku Kojo Iinkai, did at yesterday's rally)before an audience of 60,000 like-minded people you know something has changed.

Anonymous said...

And not a single word on any of the Japanese TV news programs so far today. Cowards.

Anonymous said...

Same here in The Netherlands.... Nuclear Lobby Media Blackout....?

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