Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seiji Maehara: Japan Has Obligation to Export Safe Nuke Plants

because the world values the safety of Japanese-made nuke plants. (Which "world" in which dimension is he talking about?)

It looks like he is another "space alien" politician. Might as well, as he made his name during the "space alien" Hatoyama administration.

Spreading the radioactive lumber from disaster-affected area using the "eco-point" system is not enough for him. He has to spread the gospel of wonderful world of nuke and resulting wonderful world of decontamination to the developing nations throughout the world.

Part from Asahi Shinbun (9/21/2011):


Seiji Maehara, chairman of the policy bureau of the Democratic Party of Japan, was interviewed by reporters on September 21. Maehara said, "The trust in the safety of the Japanese-made nuclear power plants hasn't diminished. We must continue the export", indicating the Noda administration's plan to continue to promote the export of nuclear power plants from Japan.


As the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the previous Kan administration, Maehara was instrumental in exporting nuclear power plants to countries like Vietnam. After the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident, Maehara pointed out, "It's a good timing to pursue higher degrees of safety. We have an obligation to enhance our nuclear technology by investigating the cause of the accident and establishing measures to prevent the accident from happening again, and to spread the technology worldwide".

It sounds like part of instructions he may have received from his US counterparts earlier in September when he visited the US. On that occasion, he also expressed the Noda administration's intention to consider arms export from Japan, among other hawkish comments concerning Japan's Self Defense Force. PM Noda followed that up with his UN address by saying Japan would continue to need nuclear power.

Maehara was the one hyped as the next leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (and thus the next prime minister of Japan) during the leadership election with supposedly the highest approval rating among the Japanese. (Or so said Yomiuri Shinbun at that time.)

In my opinion, the Japanese anti-nuke protesters should focus their attack. Instead of shouting slogans like "anti-nuke" or "beyond nuke" or "post nuke"; they should say "Prime Minster Noda, stop nuclear plants in Japan and do not promote the Japanese nuke industry with our tax money", "Mr. Maehara, you do not represent our views and you don't even have a public office other than as the Representative from Kyoto in the Lower House. Please shut up."

The chairman of the policy bureau of the Democratic Party of Japan is just that, a party position, not the government position.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of urgency, Japan needs a new political party established asap. It only needs to have one goal: abolishment of all nuke stuff, power and weapons alike. No point demonstrating in the streets even with hundreds of thousands of people. Why should the politicians be scared of them? Demonstrations are just a circus for them.

Once people VOTE for an alternative the balance may shift and the political landscape may change. People need to channel their desire for change into the political system. Get the mothers to vote. Learn from German Green party. It took them 40 years, it is not easy and you need competent people.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Come on down to Seiji's Slightly Irregular Reactor Shop. We're obligated to obligate you and money is no object..... so fork it over.

Anonymous said...

I think it fair to say there has been a vast loss of face,compounded by the issue of those responsible failing to commit Seppuku as tradition dictates.

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