Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hosono at IAEA: Cold Shutdown by the Year-End, Invite IAEA Experts on Decontamination

Whatever you say, Mr. Hosono. (Do you know where the corium is, by the way?)

Yomiuri Shinbun (9/20/2011) reports:


Goshi Hosono, Minister in charge of nuclear accident, gave a speech at the annual meeting of IAEA in Vienna, Austria on September 19, and said his government was planning to achieve the "step 2" of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant "Roadmap" - cold shutdown of the reactors - by the end of this year instead of by the middle of January next year.


He also announced the plan to receive the decontamination survey team from IAEA in October, in order to get their international expertise and knowledge about decontamination.


Mr. Hosono said in the address, "The accident is steadily winding down. We will be doing our best to achieve the "step 2" by the end of this year, ahead of schedule".


According to the "roadmap", the achievement of cold shutdown is set as the condition for the completion of the "step 2", where the reactors are stopped in a stable manner. It is to be achieved sometime between mid October and mid January next year.

Does IAEA have decontamination experts?

So the Japanese government is slowly changing the definition of "cold shutdown". The indicator of "cold shutdown" used to be the temperature of the RPV below 100 degrees Celsius, but now it seems they have added "in a stable manner". The temperatures of the RPVs of Reactor 1 and 3 measure less than 100 degrees these days, but "cold shutdown" is not declared.

So the charade goes on, trying to achieve "cold shutdown" of what remains of a Reactor Pressure Vessel, probably long devoid of the molten jumble of fuel rods, control rods and everything else inside (corium). Even TEPCO admitted they are not 100% sure what they are measuring as temperature, pressure, and water level is accurate.

Since he's in Vienna, Hosono may not know that TEPCO has admitted to several hundred tonnes of groundwater leaking into the basements of the reactor buildings and turbine buildings every day. I guess he can take the line from ex-chief Cabinet Secretary Edano (and current head of the Ministry of Economy and Trade) and say "Not an immediate problem". It worked for Edano.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right cold shutdown , the fucking Corium left the building with Elvis long ago man !

Anonymous said...

The contrast between the urgency with which the Russians dealt with Chernobyl vs the response to Fukushima disaster is truly mind-boggling.

Where are the core drilling teams, working to discover the location and status of somewhere over 600 tons of fissile material?

Where are the Neutron flux measurements?

Where are the monitoring results for Krypton and other radioactive gasses?

With just a bit of forewarning, there are some measures that can be taken to minimize our exposure. Instead, we are told a month or more later that there was another release, or the release was larger than announced previously.....all after the chance to protect one's self and family have passed.

For Shame!

The Japanese people are better than this, and it is a crime that their, and our, Government are more worried about image and industry than humanity.

A thousand thank-you's, LaPrimavera, for your continued efforts to allow those who seek to be informed have a chance to do so. This must take a great deal of your time. I, for one, dearly appreciate your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Corium moving faster through soil = faster cold shutdown, symmetry is to be admired. but the rub is, the radioactive steam now coming up from the ground and re-flooding the reactors.

Anonymous said...

Has the world become a much more cynical place since the end of "The Evil Empire"?

"The contrast between the urgency with which the Russians dealt with Chernobyl vs the response to Fukushima disaster is truly mind-boggling."

"The Evil Empire" lives on .. in the intl. nuke industry.
Another 'fine' example of 'they have become their enemy'.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, from England, where they hid the devastatingly bad event at Windscale 50+ years ago, thanks to you my friend Ex-Skf, for your honest heart-felt news :0)

May you live long and be well along with all of the innocent victims...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:21

Next time you post a link you should think about cutting and pasting the title of the document along with the link so readers know what your link is about.

Title for your link

CONF-890546—3. DE89 009623. BWR REACTOR VESSEL BOTTOM HEAD FAILURE MODES. Stephen A. Hodge. Boiling Water Reactor Severe Accident

Anonymous said...

great link, h/t 5:21

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