Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#Fukushima I: Contaminated Water Rose 18 Millimeters, 4 Tonnes/Hr Water into Reactor 6 Turbine Bldg

The Typhoon 15 quickened the pace and traveled through Honshu and then Hokkaido, all's clear. Fuku-Ichi Hotel, aka Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant survived. Not much rain and wind as had been feared.

Post-post typhoon water situation at Fuku-Ichi Hotel from Yomiuri Shinbun (9/21/2011):


TEPCO announced on September 21 that due to the approaching Typoon No.15 the water levels in the turbine buildings for Reactor 2, 3 and 4 rose by 13 to 18 millimeters in 9 hours from 7AM to 4PM.


At the current rate, there is no fear of contaminated water overflowing, according to TEPCO.


Meanwhile, a leak of water at 4 tonnes/hour was found in the basement of Reactor 6 turbine building. It is considered to be the rainwater. Leaks were also found in the rooms near the central control room for Reactor 1 and 2. TEPCO is carefully monitoring the situation.


Lena said...

In case contaminated water would leak into the sea or the groundwater it would not "overflow". If water can leak in I suppose it can also leak out.

Sam said...

Thanks god the typhoon did not severely damage the damaged plant.

I heard there was a slight increase of radiation in Tokyo. I even hear Kansai too. Any information on this?


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