Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese Government to Use Seafood, Goods Made in Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate as Aid to Developing Nations as Part of ODA

I reported this already in late June, but now it's a formal request from Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the appropriation for the 3rd supplementary budget for the fiscal 2011.

Back in June, the talk was only for processed seafood like canned fish. Now, as part of the ODA (Official Development Assistance) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to use 5 billion yen (US$65 million) to buy up canned fish, wheelchairs and other industrial products from the disaster-affected areas and offered them to developing nations, says NHK News Japanese (9/19/2011).

By "disaster-affected" areas, read Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate Prefectures.

The purposes for this plan is two-fold, according to NHK. First, to aid the developing nations of course. Second and more importantly, to erase for once and for all the "baseless rumors" about radiation contamination of the Japanese produce and products in the minds of people in the developing nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking for 17 billion yen (US$221 million) total in the 3rd supplementary budget. If you look at the planned projects at the ministry, they read like a sublime lesson in irony and cynicism:

  • 5 billion yen for this ODA fish and wheelchair for development countries scheme

  • 4 billion yen for giving the earthquake and tsunami analysis and early warning systems to nations in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific Rim

  • 1 billion yen for inviting IAEA experts for their advice on how to wind down the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident

  • (from the 2nd supplementary budget) 1.5 billion yen for inviting people with big Facebook and Twitter followers in the US, Europe, and Middle East to Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate and wine and dine them with local produce, with the hope that they will spread the word to their followers "Japan is safe"; launching a media blitz overseas using celebrities to appeal safety of Japanese products (Mainichi Shinbun, 9/19/2011)

For the last one, the ministry is hiring 2 people with college or graduate degrees with English proficiency to tweet for the ministry, and take care of the Facebook/Twitter writers when they come to Tohoku. The ministry's elite bureaucrats seem to think the revolutions in the Middle East happened because of Facebook and Twitter. What they've decided to ignore is that they were used by the anti-regime protesters, not by the regimes.

Despairing of their own government, some Japanese are hoping that the US will occupy Japan again. But then, under the current US president, all they would get would be killer drones.


Anonymous said...

Of course they will send all tainted foods to 3rd world countries like the Philippines. What do you expect them to do, destroy all that food? What about the income of the farmers?

The hottest of food will disappear, and then reappear in street vendor food that has no regulations. Street vendors wont care about the source of the food if it was sold to them cheaply. Nobody will know the difference because it wont kill you right away.

Only a fool would think all that food is just going to get destroyed by the government, no matter what they say they are going to do with it.

Anonymous said...

WTF!!!!!! They want to kill people fucking japs

Anonymous said...

1 billion yen for inviting IAEA experts for their advice on how to wind down the Fukushima I Nuclear Plant accident


As this event endures, i am shown in pure technicolour, just how naive iam. and that is coming from someone who looks behind the curtain most days.

the most significant man made disaster in human history (oh, apart from wilful genocide of course), and the IAEA need inviting? let alone paying?

they should be crawling all over this tradegy.

i believe it is only going to worsen for all of us, but especially for the residents, and workers who are at ground zero. these people are the heroes. along with the people behind info sources such as this.

24/7 these people live and work in mortal danger, and little is being done to face the enormity of this catastrophic event, or preserve the health of these fine people.

is there an evacuation plan for Honshu? is there an evacuation plan for Japan?

my assumption was that such a disaster warranted international focus until it was resolved, rather than paid invites.

also, UN intervention is lacking isnt it?

these people need clean food, water, and medical supplies, and safe havens - now.

the japanese are a beautiful and ancient race of people. they add colour, wisdom, discipline, and innovation to the world, and we should reflect on these things and treat it as the global catastrophe it is.

the people are in my thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

We just assume that by developing countries they mean Philippines or Kenya, what about Australia, or Greece?

Anonymous said...

After the TPP gets passed, I assume they also mean the de-developing United States.

Anonymous said...

You're right, you are naive.

Anonymous said...

C'mon everybody let's all go jump off a cliff cause someone with lots of friends on Facebook or Twitter said it was safe!

Anonymous said...

Wow that IS totally ironic and sad that a country (OR corporation) has to pay money to the IAEA for IDEAS... really? Guess I'm totally naive as well, I thought that's what the IAEA was already there for. Wow. Wish we'd known, we could have taken up a pool already.

Anonymous said...

Spreading the food borne radiation to areas without nuke plants will skew the epidemiology studies of Fukushima related diseases and make it appear that radiation is not as harmful. This probably the primary reason why the Japanese government wants to distribute the food to the 3rd world.

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful! Poison people with radiation, then give them wheelchairs as they decline until death hits them!

Anonymous said...

this post is already a classic

Anonymous said...

" • 1 billion yen for .. IAEA experts "

That ^^ is the bribe payout to the IAEA for keeping their mouths shut about ionizing radiation and their assistance in the coverup.

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kendallseo said...

This probably the purpose why the Japaneses govt wants to spread the food to the 3rd globe.
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