Saturday, September 10, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Steel Frame for Cover for Reactor 1 Is Ready

On September 10, the workers started to set up the panels. Soon, all you'll get to see from Google Earth will be the Reactor 1 as if nothing happened.

Looking at Fuku-1 Livecam video, the bottom third is already covered with panels.

From TEPCO's Photo for the Press page:

See the tall crane in action moving the panel, from 9/10/11 Livecam video (about 1 minute into the video):


Anonymous said...

Looks like the privacy screen is going up.

Anonymous said...

Privacy screen? C'mon, it's leaking. What I don't get is why this was not done months ago.

Anonymous said...

According to Professor Koide of Kyoto University, No. 1 is the one that could be leaking into the sea and groundwater. How is this steel condom going to prevent that? ON the other hand, this shield will improve the local radiation level, helping workers to get their job done. Yet there is supposedly going to be a chimney of sorts to funnel the radiation up up up into the air, to go where where where?

Anonymous said...

to go mainly to, for example, California, Alaska or British Columbia, Yes! welcome the radionuclides from Fukushima, eat them, get sick from them and shut up will you.

Anonymous said...

It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck to look at these photos. There's an ineffably creepy feeling I have that is derived from the implication that Tepco believes that if the reactors are made to look good then the reactors will no longer be perceived as problematic. Tepco's actions are akin to a mad scientist performing plastic surgery on a corpse, while he vehemently proclaims the beautification surgery will make the dead person much better. It's very psychologically twisted, like having Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs in charge of a nuclear plant.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until they find out operation tarp causes more problems than it fixes. This has never been done before, the Chernobyl Sarcophagus wasn't sealed it has multiple holes big enough to drive a car through to release humidity and excess radiation. I predict they will unsuccessfully try to dehumidify and then filter the emissions eventually they'll just issue raincoats to the workers.

Anonymous said...

I am very sceptical about the tent.
First oft all, even if it works the radioactive need to be vented - maybe by the stacks.
Don't expect it to be some kind of biological shield.

And if we look at the 10+ X Sv/h measurings at the base of the stack, you damn hope there wont be a comparable problem at the tent.

Imagine the readioactive steam condensating on the large surface. Considering cold temperatures during winter, highly radioactive liquids dripping down to the ground. It will become deadly untouchable for workers after a few weeks.

What about the complete building becoming a 10 + X Sv/h environment around its walls?

And as a cold shutdown is not more than a good fairy tale, we need it to work for years.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

They're going to put a venting "tent" on top. It will look nice from the outside, and that's all they care.

Good luck workers, because the work that needs to be done is increasingly INSIDE the reactor buildings with super-high hot spots over 10 sieverts/hour.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's still going to buildup radiation and contaminate but, people will think everything is protected....just like a landmine that you can't see so, the path looks safe. Then, BOOM your legs are missing....

Anonymous said...

as I see it the main concern is leakage of radioactive elements in the groundwater and from there in the sea as well because there is a 'puddle of molten radioactive metal which is on the verge of criticality for chain reactions and the heat is making steam as soon as it is in contact with groundwater touching it. I would pour molten lead on top of the radioactive puddle to dilute the radioactive molten metal puddle and to absorb the neutrons as much as possible so as to reduce the heat this mess gives off. Also to pump the groundwater out very deep around the facility would keep the groundwater away from seeping towards the molten core and creating very radioactive steam...

Anonymous said...

Nuclear energy is too dangerous and should be phased out.It can be replaced by Rossi's E cat energy producer using nickel powder and hydrogen .

Anonymous said...

Excelllllennnt.....Amusing... .. .. Once you open Pandora's BOX.. .. .. .. Just Build Another BOX over IT.. .. .. SUPER GENIUS .. ... .. Absolutely .. ... . SUPER GENIUS..... ....... ........ .Hummmmmm ... ... .. The greatest minds on the PLANET.. ... ... at work. .. .. .... [or not].. .. .. ....word for word..........A fortiori..........322

Anonymous said...

walking dead?

Anonymous said...


The wind will carry the majority of particles out to sea according to Japan Wind Mapping. This action is expected to continue for the next few centuries.

Anonymous said...

It kills to read these incredibly negative comments from readers. Ya. I don't like what happened to reactors either, but for FS, what is possibly worse than status quo????
Get your heads out of your behinds and give yourselves an attitude adjustment. Do you actually think the Japanese want to make things worse? You just hope they do because you are looking for another soap opera to dwell on to cover for your own pathetic realities!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tepco employee number xxx119873.

Anonymous said...

I had respect for the japanese when this began, they seemed strong and dignified, but now i realize it is anything but. they are a meek people who dont question authority to the point where they are eating bold faced lies tainted with radiation. People deserve what they allow to happen to them.

Anonymous said...

"Do you actually think the Japanese want to make things worse?"

Judging by their actions ever since the worst singular disaster in history, yup, you bet I do. I've never seen a people more immune to reality and common sense. Not all, mind you, just the majority and especially those in charge. Burning all the waste in the open, jacking off with worthless tents, dumping it in landfills, calling it safe safe safe no matter what, making children breathe and gobble plutonium, selling deadly goods around the world, endlessly lying about it (they still absurdly say it's not as bad as Chernobyl), only admitting what they knew (multiple melt throughs) day one months later (too late), etc., etc., etc. It's clear to me they've done everything to maximize the extent of the crisis, and have been successful in doing nothing else. Why they're so God Damned Fucking Insane is a bit of a mystery, but the facts speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

''If it stinks, put a lid on it''
Japanese proverb.
Yes...perception. Japanese are better than most at sweeping things under the carpet, smiling, and pretending it doesn't exist. They also know people are so stupid not to want to care.
Michio Kaku stated at the start of this, 6 months ago, that the whole thing is a 'piece of junk' and they should dump whatever they can on top of it boron, sand concrete, all the waste form the damaged areas-lord knows the Japanese love concrete and have enough concrete trucks to cover every river bank in the world.
Now we all know that the damn thing was known to be in meltdown from the very beginning, wasn't just letting the corium smoulder away over the Pacific a beautiful exercise is negligence, hehe, or a cunnijng plan to get rid of as much as possible before covering it up half a year later? Sort of revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki on behalf of Tepco and the Government.Dozo, America- San. The wind has actually been a godsend for the government. If this happened in Fukui's 'Ginza' the country would be truly cut in it is, only a relatively small area is now an utter wasteland.
The area was typical of dying, Japanese countryside without industry anyway full of old people and a few farms. These people's lives can be trashed and paid for with a pittance of their annual dividend plus a few tears and a bow. Boo hoo. That's what you get when you make the nation addicted to (nuclear) power. Nobody gives a shit about anyone else. So lives and livelihoods are expendable. Wonder why big business never likes to cozy up too near a nuclear power station? Me, too.

What can Japan do? It's a toughie that every country will come to deal with. Oil is running out. japan has sweet FA else except nuclear to scale to the economy. You either lose nuclear and the economy or go back to the pre oil days. With a pop of 127mill to feed that ain't possible.

This is what you get for nearly half a century of LDP politics and corruption: bread and circus for the people and lots of lolly for the amakudari. It works very well. Till something goes wrong.
Japan isn't the only country embarking on eating itself though. Just the first. The next few decades will be uncomfortable at best.

Anonymous said...

You guys are emotional non-objective fools yelling at each other in an echo chamber.

What would you expect TEPCO to do? Not fix the building?

The horror! After they fix a building that was damaged in an explosion... it will look like it was never damaged!!!!

You guys all cried last week when NASA released photos of footprints on the moon, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

"What would you expect TEPCO to do? Not fix the building?"

They're not fixing anything. The entire thing is a deadly fraud from beginning to end. Millions will die. And you appear to be a gullible piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

And you are an emotional, angry internet kook.

No one claimed they were fixing the problem, they are just fixing a badly damaged building. What else would you expect them to do?

You've never succeeded at anything that requires critical thinking or in an environment that challenges your preconceived notions, have you lefty?

Anonymous said...


we are all born in a world where fallout has spread from over 2000 nuclear tests. sure we can handle radiation but the event of FUKUSHIMA SHOULD BE A LESSON FOR ALL !




Anonymous said...

yeah, but you seem to forget that a nuclear plant release millions times more radioactivity fallout than nuclear test bombs because of the hudge quantity of nuclear materials . Every day that japan pass without buring the reactor is realeasing the equivalant of 1 atomic bomb per day every day to this day and the fallout spread over japan and cross the ocean very fast with powerfull jet stream right in north america west coast where start to get sick. Everyone is more at risk of sickeness everyday because this horror.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:49

"It kills to read these incredibly negative comments from readers."

Who is forcing you to read opinions you don't agree with?

"Ya. I don't like what happened to reactors either, but for FS, what is possibly worse than status quo????"

Doing cosmetic feel good, do nothing posturing is worse. The tents aren't designed to contain the radiation they are just there to make the the roadmap to ruin seem like it is plausible.

Get your heads out of your behinds and give yourselves an attitude adjustment.

Fuq You!

"Do you actually think the Japanese want to make things worse?"

No I don't, but putting a tarp over the problem isn't fixing the shattered buildings neither is ignoring the mounds radioactive sludge piling up all over the country. The new moronic solution is to use the radioactive material for building material. As for radioactive ash just bury it as long as it is below their magic made up number. Don't worry the officials in charge hope this stuff won't go into solution and re-concentrate ....they promise.

"You just hope they do because you are looking for another soap opera to dwell on to cover for your own pathetic realities!!!"

Only a moron would think reality is a "soap opera" orchestrated for public enjoyment. No one needs to hope the obfuscating, minimizing liars in charge will screw up. It is inevitable when you put the craven in charge they bow to money not facts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Privacy screen? C'mon, it's leaking. What I don't get is why this was not done months ago.
September 11, 2011 12:38 AM

they did it months ago live on NHK, then there were a bunch of EarthQs & then there was no more structure & no one was allowed to ask questions about it, like how no one is allowed to ask questions about Nuclear 5&6 & only selected questions about Nuclear 4

Anonymous said...

I already got exposed in SF back in March during heavy rain in about SF califonia. I wound up developing psoriasis that cleared up in a couple of weeks, sort of like thehalf life of iodine I would guess. This sucks so bad and all those in favor of how this has been handled may eat japanese rice, drink saki andeat some glow in the dark sushi.

Anonymous said...

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that can be treated with immunosuppressants. Radiation causes immunosuppression. likely did not get it from Fukushima rather you may have triggered it by emotional stress worrying about it!!! Get your heads out of your butts people. GWBush caused more deaths thru unnessary wars than Fukushima will ever cause. Worry that his ilk may come to power again and do something about it!

David L.White said...

Thank-you for providing this website. I have followed your site amongst others when this event began back in March. Also love the commentary, although people that hide behind anonymous tags, I'll say no more.

I'm an engineer, not nuclear, but then it does not take a nuclear engineer or nuclear physicist to understand this situation, as most of your readers will already appreciate.

It seems the planet lost ground back in the 60's, perhaps long before that. We had the Cuban Missile Crisis where cities in the world were almost subjected to same type of damage that we saw in Northern Japan, as well as the subsequent global radioactive fallout. With thanks to the Kennedy Brothers and some "luck" on that one.

Not long thereafter, we have GE globally deploy with no liability machines called nuclear power plants. The clues to this deception have been there all along, namely the GE three and the term plant. Today, we now have a growing concert of recognition that nuclear power plants are really efficient radioactive material emitters. And you don't require alot of plants it seems to change the biosphere. As everyone is now aware, these emitter plants can be triggered in the most basic ways by shutting off grid power and by water in-undation. Interesting how the fundamentals of a nuclear power plant are the very same that toggle it to a plant emitter. Those tall "smoke stacks" are also strangely foretelling.... Any thinking person that does not acknowledge this reality is really a religious fanatic and in all probability a blind sympathiser to an anti-life agenda.

In fact to call a spade a spade, much as we have matter and anti-matter, nuclear materials should really be described as anti-life materials. As we've seen, they cannot be handled by machine or earthly lifeform in timespans beyond us and contaminate everything they touch like a dispersing virus.

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