Friday, October 21, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Just Released Video of Reactor 3 Upper Floors

or what used to be the upper floors. TEPCO took the video on October 12 when they did the dust sampling. The camera was mounted on the crane boom.

You get to see the mangled steel beams and other incredible mess, against the clear blue sky of October. Surreal in a way.

Don't forget to view Quince effort on Reactor 2, and carbon-based TEPCO workers' effort on Reactor 1.


Nuclear Skeptic said...

The video seems to show a failed concrete beam, adjacent to a concrete support column at 2:36 to 2:55 (min:sec) in the YouTube clip. This looks more like earthquake damage than anything a hydrogen explosion could cause. Any structural engineers care to comment?

Nuclear Skeptic said...

In the last few seconds, you can also see a crack in the far (left-hand) end of the same beam, where it meets another vertical support column! This really looks like earthquake damage to me.

Anonymous said...

Is the robot lost, or is it non-retrievable because it is too highly contamination for humans to get near once it's been inside Unit 2? Or any of the other exploded units?

That is, is there a need for a fleet of disposable mechanical robots (rather than human robotni) to carry out these investigations?

(And I refuse to call the robot "Quince". What is it with humans and their desire to anthropomorphize everything?

The robot is a machine. It is looking inside the exploded remains of a nuclear reactor, another machine.

Or shall we give Units 1-6 nicknames?

You know, like Sneezy, Dopey, Explodey, Fatal?

I'm sure Disney - I mean Tepco - would love that.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's earthquake damage.

Anonymous said...

I'm a structural engineer and I can confirm it's earthquake damage. I can tell by some of the cracks and from seeing quite a few earthquake damages in my time.

Ivan said...

Cracks consistent with earthquake damage, not so much with explosive bast.

JackieG said...

Looks to me the reactor blew up.
Chernobyl style.

Anonymous said...

It appears there was a fairly sizable force within the confinement that would appear caused by an explosion or more.

If one looks at the details of this video..they too will not question an explosion of some sort. THAT is very evident in the remains.

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