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Must Read: Asahi Shinbun "Trap of Prometheus" Series Part 1 - Men in Protective Clothing (6) "It Could Have Been Us"

(Installment 1, Installments 2 and 3, Installments 4 and 5, Installment 6, Installments 7 and 8, Installments 9 and 10, Installments 11 and 12)

Asahi Shinbun's series "Trap of Prometheus" - Men in Protective Clothing, which documents what happened in Namie-machi in Fukushima Prefecture right after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.

If you read Japanese, you can read all installments (1-12) in one location, at this blog.

Even if the series is written by a reporter at a major Japanese newspaper, not many Japanese are aware of it, which, after the initial launch, was buried in the 3rd page of the printed version.



Men in Protective Clothing (6) Flies were swarming


Misako Yatsuda (age 62) was born and raised in Namie-machi. When she was in junior high school, TEPCO started to build Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant [1960s].


After graduating from high school, she went to Tokyo to work, but came back to Namie-machi after one and a half year. Since then, her life evolved around TEPCO.


She got married, opened a yakitori restaurant while raising 3 children. The customers were the workers at the plant.


Then she worked at the employee dormitories of TEPCO.


She worked there for 10 years until the summer of 2010. She cooked for them, and she was loved by the young TEPCO workers. In the women's dormitory there were female soccer players who went on to win the Women's World Cup Soccer. "There were all good people, very dear to me."


After her children grew up, she became a live-in employee at the dormitory for TEPCO managers.


She still remembers how hard TEPCO worked the elections.


Whenever there was a mayoral election or a prefectural assembly election, the dining hall of the dorm was turned into a staging area for the TEPCO management. When the candidate that TEPCO backed won, the management rushed to the candidate and celebrated. She was impressed. "An electric power company has such a strong connection with the politicians."


More than half her life, she has been involved with TEPCO. Nonetheless, there was no information from TEPCO on this nuclear accident.


Information is even more scarce in Kasugai City in Aichi Prefecture where she evacuated. She has the local Fukushima newspaper mailed to her, and reads every page.


How is she going to make a living? What about compensation? She is full of anxiety.


In June, she temporarily returned to her home in Namie-machi. The refrigerator was overturned by the earthquake. Flies were swarming on the rotten food stuff.


At the end of August, she went back to Fukushima again to get her car. Her husband drove, and it took them 8 hours on the highway from Kasugai City. She changed into a protective clothing in a school gym in Hirono-machi, and got on a bus arranged by [the government].


When the bus stopped [at the destination], two dogs with collars came to her. She saw two cats dead on the side of the road.


"It could have been us."


After the accident, her eldest daughter's family lives in Koriyama City. Her second daughter's family lives in Niigata Prefecture. Her family has been scattered.


In September, she applied for the temporary housing in Fukushima Prefecture.


"I have lived in Fukushima for decades. I want to go back." She cried. (reported by Motoyuki Maeda)



Anonymous said...

Would just like to say it is perhaps because of your and other's tenacity that real facts about the nuclear contamination in Japan is know reaching the rest of the world.

With stories last week in the Economist and this week in the New York Times about high radiation levels outside the 'official' contamination zones the Japanese government maybe forced to confront the issue. Bringing 10,000 friendly 'tweeters' to Japan just won't do when publications as globally influential as the Economist and New York Times report otherwise and the Japanese government needs to realize no one wishes Japan ill.This is not 'their' problem. It is everyone's problem because nuclear power plants are everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Japan praised for post nuclear measures in Fukushima Oct 16, 2011

Anonymous said...

The IAEA is in the business of promoting nuclear power, even having signed an agreement in 1959 with the WHO to basically prioritize this over any investigation & research into any health effects from nuclear accidents.

How can anyone honestly believe anything the IAEA says with the bias that they have, unless they also have a stake in making sure nuclear continues at all costs?

Anonymous said...

IAEA is more or less the same cath0lic chorus as WH0 ... WH0 has its headquaters - surprise - in r0me. It is likewise trading depopulation ... for example
via papal c0dex a l i m e n t a r i u s


Read more?

w w w . b e r e a n b e a c o n . o r g / a r t i c l e s / T h e _ P o p e s _ P l a n s _ o n _ o r g a n i z i n g . p d f

Darth3/11 said...

When are people like this poor woman going to realize that there is no going back to Fukushima?

Anonymous said...

Darth3/11 said... "When are people like this poor woman going to realize that there is no going back to Fukushima?


Q2. When are all poor women in the global village going to realize that there is no going to Strontium-Sr90 laced spots - thks to Fukushima3?


...because the nukelubed depopulation perpetratos are never going to tell where their best irradiating spots, globally distributed, are located. According the plan.

jhon said...

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ceruleandaze said...

laprimavera... Just curious... is there any chance you'll be translating the rest of Vol. 1 (total 13 parts) and Vol. 2 (20 parts, I think), as well as any other parts that come after that? It's definitely quite a lot, I agree, but what you've done so far has been greatly appreciated and helpful for all those who can't read the original Japanese. お願いします。

Also, unrelated here, but was wondering if you'll be having anything to say about the growing Olympus scandal in Japan and beyond?

Many thanks!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I'm on it now...

ceruleandaze said...

Thanks! Just saw it (parts 7 & 8 of "Trap of Prometheus", Vol. 1).

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