Friday, October 21, 2011

Video of Inside Reactor 2, Maybe the Last Video of Quince Who Was Lost in the Building

Asahi Shinbun says Quince was lost on the 3rd floor on the way back from the 5th floor, but from the press conference on October 20 (see my post), I didn't think TEPCO's Matsumoto was very clear as to exactly where. But anyway, either the 3rd floor (up to 40 millisieverts/hr radiation) or the 5th floor (250 millisieverts/hr radiation), the human coworkers would have to brave high radiation to retrieve Quince.

Here's the video that the hard-working Quince took of Reactor 2 building before it lost its way, from TEPCO's "Photos for the Press" page (for your own copy, click here to download):


Anonymous said...

Here, you can see a healthy Quince:

DD said...

I don't want to say this, but this was quite moving for me, imagining the little robot going round that dark spooky place.

There is no case for humans to retrieve the machine, but sometimes anthropomorphism can take you just too far in that direction.

10/10 for trying, folks. Well done.

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