Friday, October 21, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Video of Inside Reactor 1

Weekend video galore. (Have you seen the video Quince took of Reactor 2?)

This one was taken by carbon-based TEPCO employees as they surveyed Reactor 1 (Isolation Condenser, in particular). The video was taken on October 18, and uploaded to TEPCO's "Photos for Press" page on October 21.

The workers spent most of the time on the 4th floor, surveying the integrity of the pipes for the Isolation Condenser. You do get to see the 3rd and 2nd floors toward the end of the video. One worker calls out the radiation numbers periodically. The highest number I heard was "189" on the 2nd floor.

You can see the light coming in from outside on the 4th floor, giving a warm orange glow to the scene of utter destruction on the 4th floor:

You can download the video at TEPCO, here. Or view it here.

(UPDATE: For this effort, the workers (TEPCO employees) got as much as 9.44 millisieverts external radiation exposure, according to Mainichi Shinbun Japanese.)


Anonymous said...

Talk about a high stress job.

Anonymous said...

Real life doom 3!

I bet lots of gamers would that for free.

Anonymous said...

"see the light coming in from outside on the 4th floor"

The new TEPCOTent fabric lets sunshine beautifully on the irradiating meltdown ruins.

There could be only one problem - if the Tent is not UV -radiation resistant?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. You can see clearly that there is blast damage (light blast damage, actually), but no heat damage, no soot, no warping, no corrosion. Furthermore, there is very, very little damage to the walls from flying debris.

Anonymous said...

Its just a typo. 94.4Milisievert would be realistic...

shusse said...

"Its just a typo. 94.4Milisievert would be realistic..." - You can hear the dosimetrist several times calling out 120-140+ milli.

It may also be more. I can't vouch for this, but I wonder what he means when he suddenly announces "It's 5 micro here!... 5 micro, 5 micro!" when he climbs up the ladder at the end of the video. The camera guy replies from below "5 micro???" and climbs up too. The white noise on the sensor seems to increase dramatically. Then they say things like "Is it really okay to take (footage/measurements) here?" and "This is bad" and "Quick! Quick, let's go!". Also, the dosimiter seems to be beeping but the only number announced is "42" (Valve indicator reading?). So, what does "5 micro" mean?

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