Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#Radioactive Tea from TOKYO: 3 Exceeding Provisional Safety Limit for Cesium

550 to 690 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium detected in the commercial teas grown in 3 tea plantations in Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan government tested 30 teas in early October, and radioactive cesium was detected from 29 of them.

Back in May, three elementary school in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo had the pupils pick radioactive tea leaves (2,700 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium) as part of their social studies activities. But that wasn't, apparently, a big deal since it was not a commercial product.

Mainichi Shinbun (10/18/2011):


Tokyo Municipal government announced on October 18 that 550 to 690 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium, exceeding the national provisional safety limit of 500 becquerels/kg, was detected from the "Tokyo Sayama-cha" tea from three tea plantations in Tokyo. It is the first time radioactive cesium was detected from commercial teas grown in Tokyo.


According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industry and Labor, the teas were picked in May at three tea plantations in Musashi Murayama City, Mizuho-machi, and Akiruno City. Part of the teas was consumed by the growers themselves but the rest haven't been sold yet. The tea plantations store 500 kg, which the Tokyo government has requested them to discard.

Discard how? Dump them in a garbage can as regular garbage, I suppose, since the radiation level is "low".

It was not until October 6 that the Tokyo Metropolitan government conducted a more extensive testing of the green teas grown, picked, and processed in Tokyo in May, after it learned of the teas grown in neighboring Saitama and Chiba Prefectures found with radioactive cesium exceeding the provisional safety limit.

If you look at the Tokyo government announcement, radioactive cesium was detected in significant amount in ALL but one teas tested. However, except for the three that exceeded the provisional safety limit, they can be sold without any restriction, and probably have been already sold. (The image of the announcement below is from savechild.net, with highlight on teas in which radioactive cesium was detected.)


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused because I keep getting messages starting 2 weeks ago from TEPCO, Japan Government & IAEA + their OPs on twitter that the items either have 0 radiation or far exceed safety standards + Fukushima1 is no longer producing EPIC radiation. Please, help me, somebody in Japan help me.

Anonymous said...

you should not be confused, the government and Tepco are liars. They are lying to protect themselves and you should not trust them.
Japan should have been evacuated a long time ago.
Leave now. Only extra-terrestrials technology can clean up this mess. Human need to learn humility and admit that they do not know how to clean up.
25 years later, Chernobyl is still radioactive and it was 20 times smaller.
Leave now and save everyone you can!

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