Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Germany's ZDF's Latest on Fukushima: Interviews with Workers at Fukushima I Nuke Plant

German TV ZDF's "Frontal 21" features Japan's nuclear disaster on a regular basis, and here's the latest from October 4, 2011. The reporters interviewed Fukushima plant workers, whose remarks coincide with what the Fuku-1 Livecam finger-pointing worker has said - that they are kept ignorant of the radiation danger.

They also interviewed Dr. Eisuke Matsui of Gifu Environmental Medicine Research Institute, who talked about potential damage from radiation on the workers at the plant.

They also went to the TEPCO headquarters in Tokyo to ask about the unfair contract that the workers receive (if at all) for their work at Fukushima I Nuke Plant. A junior manager (if that) met them, only to tell them it was none of the TEPCO's problem. It's subcontractors' problem, of course.

The program concludes with these words:

Workers, who for a pittance do the dangerous dirty work at the atomic ruins,
An employer who steals away from his responsibility,

Doctors who recommend smiling as protection against radiation damage.

Contempt for human beings, in Japanese.

That doctor is of course Dr. Shunichi "Damashita" (I tricked you) Yamashita.

Translation of the Frontal 21 segment into English was done by Viola, who also regularly posts comments on this blog. Thank you. Her Youtube channel has many Fukushima-related videos in English and German.

(If you do not see the subtitle, click on the "cc" button.)

In case you missed it, France 24 also had an excellent report on Fukushima workers, which I posted here.


Marco Damm said...

They should have elaborated on WHO these workers are and WHO runs the sub-contractors. Other than that probably better-than-usual Frontal21 interview.

Viola said...

I myself prefer the France24 report, to be honest. But it's only today that I found an access for translating it into german, so it will take some days to upload it.

I also was very astonished when I found out more about Mr. Matsui. Looking at the video, he just seems to be an "ordinary" radiologist, but obviously he's much more. He supervieses the Say-Peace project that you can find explained here:

Looks as he's one of the rare true specialists who fits the definition of Prof. Kodama.
I wished their voices would have a profounder echo in Japan...

Anonymous said...

These reports are okay, but they miss the point entirely: that the response of the japanese society as a whole to this crisis is worsening an already dramatic situation.

I saw Barefoot Gen (はだしのゲン, Hadashi no Gen) just a while ago. It is kind of shocking that the japanese society in the 21st century is behaving exactly like it did in wartime, under a fascist regime.

1945: “what, you say that Japan can’t win the war! Traitor! I won’t give any food rations to you!”

2011: “what, you say that our part of Japan is infested by radiation and that we (anyone in a position of authority – school directors, local officials, national government) must do something about it to protect everyone? I will make your children crawl in the dirt and eat the food you don’t want them to eat!”

This whole situation will make great movies 20 years from now but, by then, it will be too late.

Anonymous said...


7:28PM I agree with that statement...

And sadly a great number of japanese citizens are eductaed not to be so different from the rest, so they will behave as the yes man, who can do the dirty job withiut thinking.

PREWAR time they used to be in that way too. non thinking by themselves, therefore they could do horrible experiments in gas chambers with Chinese citizens.

Anonymous said...

Yes ! smiling is more than adequate protection against the harmful levels of radiation, what a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

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