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Must Read: Asahi Shinbun "Trap of Prometheus" Series Part 1 - Men in Protective Clothing (2,3) "We Were the Only Ones Who Didn't Know"

(Installment 1, Installments 2 and 3, Installments 4 and 5, Installment 6, Installments 7 and 8, Installments 9 and 10, Installments 11 and 12)

In the first installment, two mysterious men in white protective gear told Mizue Sugano, resident of Tsushima Discrict in Namie-machi in Fukushima Prefecture, to flee the place. She had been taking care of the evacuees from the area near Fukushima I Nuke Plant all day.



Men in Protective Clothing (2)


Evening of March 12. Mizue Sugano ran back inside her house, and told what the men in protective gear just told her. Argument ensued.


"If it is really dangerous, the town or the police will surely tell us. Let's wait and see." People were just settling down, and didn't want to move.


But in the midnight, the situation changed. Several buses went in to the community center which was used as emergency shelter. One evacuee noticed the buses. One of the bus drivers told the evacuee that he was to "move the evacuees".


At that time, Namie-machi was shuttling the remaining residents within the 20-kilometer radius to Tsushima District. Mizue didn't know that, and concluded that this place was in danger, as the men had told her. She woke up the evacuees, and they discussed the situation again.


Many still didn't move. But one woman said, "If we all stay, then Sugano's family cannot escape." That decided it.


"Let's escape as far as the gasoline lasts."


Just past midnight, two young couple with small children departed. They had a baby who was born in February, and small children.


At first, they were reluctant. "We don't want to escape through the mountain route in the middle of night." Mizue persuaded them by saying "Let your children escape", and gave them rice balls.


They discussed again after breakfast on the next day, March 13. A young couple who had said they wouldn't escape now said "We will escape, for our child." An elderly woman let the couple use her car.


"Since I'm alone, I can ride the bus at the shelter."


By evening, all 25 evacuees at her house re-evacuated to Fukushima City, Koriyama City, and Minami Soma City.


Mizue told what the men in protective gear had told her to the evacuees in the nearby houses. One of them said to her, laughing.


"I used to work for TEPCO. The nuclear power plant that I helped build cannot be that dangerous."


The man had escaped from tsunami, not the nuclear accident. Mizue was relieved at his word. Mizue and her eldest son Junichi (age 27) decided not to evacuate.


Junichi was in charge of cooking for evacuees at the shelter, making rice balls.


"I cannot just escape by myself." At that time, the survey meter that could measure up to 30 microsieverts/hour went overscale 10 kilometers from Tsushima District. (Reported by Motoyuki Maeda)



Men in Protective Clothing (3) Why are policemen dressed that way?


Even after 25 people at the Sugano's house evacuated on March 13, most of the evacuees remained in Tsushima District.


The evacuation order was expanded to 10-kilometer radius at 5:44AM on March 12. After the hydrogen explosion of Reactor 1, it was expanded to 20-kilometer radius at 6:25PM.


However, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said in the press conference on March 12 evening, "It is not that a large amount of radioactive materials is leaking. People outside the 20-kilometer radius won't be affected."


The gist of his message was, "It is no big deal, but please evacuate just in case". People believed Tsushima District, 30 kilometers from the plant, was safe.


TEPCO employees came to the Tsushima branch of Namie-machi town hall on March 12 and 13 to report on the situation. They were not in protective gear. They didn't say "this place is dangerous". They were totally different from the men Mizue had met [on March 12 evening].


The branch officials and the district chief didn't see the men Mizue had met. However, Mizue wrote down what she had seen and heard.


March 15 early morning, after Reactor 3 had exploded the previous day, there was an explosive sound in Reactor 2 and an explosion in Reactor 4. For the first time, the national government asked the residents to "evacuate indoors" for the area between 20 and 30 kilometer radius.


It was about that time the residents of Tsushima District started to evacuate. The Mayor Baba and his staff had learned of the explosion of Reactor 3 on March 14 on TV, and decided to evacuate voluntarily to the neighboring Nihonmatsu City starting March 15.


At the front gate of Fukushima I Nuke Plant, 11,930 microsieverts/hour radiation was recorded at 9AM on March 15. But Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano still sounded optimistic.


"The density of radioactive materials is significantly diluted past 20 kilometer radius, to the degree that it has only a small or no effect on humans."


"Water injection to Reactors 1, 2 and 3 is proceeding smoothly, and the reactors are being cooled."


It would be some time before the Japanese were told that the reactors had had a meltdown on March 12.


On March 12 morning, policemen controlling traffic in Namie-machi were wearing protective clothing.


"Why are policemen dressed like that?"


The residents wondered and feared. Kazuhiro Yoshida (age 65) was the Chairman of the Town Assembly. He visited the police station in Tsushima District, and requested that the police stop wearing the protective gear as they were making the residents fearful.


Yoshida now says.


"We were the only ones who didn't know." (Reported by Motoyuki Maeda)


(Yukio Edano is the current Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. We should never forget what he said since the start of the accident, and hold him accountable for the lies he spewed "to prevent panic", supposedly.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the great job! Your translation is very useful, for this installment gives a different look on the catastrophe, putting actual human beings in the focus

Anonymous said...

"We were the only ones who didn't know."

Sadly. Most in the globall village still dont want know how they will be kept on irradiated until the very end. While there, they want to desperately believe its over, they love to be told history...

It would still be some time before the Eurobeans, Gringos, Japanese, Asians, mullahs and abdullahs were told that THE reactor had had a meltdown on April 26 and would continue leaking out Strontium next 500 yrs - from under the shaky € 1billion sarchophagus.

Oh, and btw, they would never be told it would be helped by three open meltdown GRAND-rad-sisters 25 years later ...


TEPCO official: "look, cold shutdown, they are stable, see, no sarchophagy leaks!"

Anonymous said...

"... Eurobeans, Gringos, Japanese, Asians, mullahs and abdullahs ..."

Ohhh I get it now, you are either Mexican or a Finnish yön timo.

Anonymous said...

I wish some day someone remind the officials what they were saying while the situation was going from bad to worse.==Elena==

ivan said...

no no no you got that wrong OCTOBER 15, 2011 2:05 is a finnish(in other words russian) metalhead.

Anonymous said...

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William Milberry said...

This is a really interesting read. Thank you so much for your work in translating this.

Anonymous said...

Is this a true story?

Anonymous said...

Asahi Shinbun, nukelubed MSM = True Tepcion.

DD said...

Well, thanks for the translations, regardless. This is clearly touted as a big project by a national paper so let's see how it pans out. At least there is some evidence of the nature of the communication between "the press" and "the people" and I use quotes for the nuance of irony, as for one I cannot see how this one is going [in contrast to the physical events at fuxu].

Thanks very much, anyway, for the work, much appreciated; please continue.

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