Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Test Result on Strontium-90 Detection in Yokohama

Here's the image of the test report by Isotope Research Institute in Yokohama City:

Strontium-90: 195 becquerels/kg

From the same sample, cesium-134 and cesium-137 were also detected earlier.

Cesium-134: 29,775 becquerels/kg
Cesium-137: 33,659 becquerels/kg
Total cesium: 63,434 becquerels/kg

Isotope Research Institute didn't start testing for radioactive strontium until August 20, according to the Institute's website. Thus the time lag.

At the Institute, it costs 65,000 yen (US$847) (pre-tax) to test one sample for strontium-90 (no separate testing for strontium-89), and it takes one week. No volume discount, the webpage says.

The ratio of strontium-90 to cesium-137 in this case is about 0.58%. In comparison, the same ratio from the samples taken in Fukushima Prefecture was between slightly less than 0.1% to 8.2%. In other words, the ratio varies too much to discern any pattern.

Yokohama City has said it is testing for strontium in the sample taken from the same apartment rooftop but with much higher cesium density (105,600Bq/kg total cesium). But remember there was no official announcement about this high cesium detection because "the apartment building is a private property", according to the city. We'll see if Yokohama will announce anything about strontium-90.

The Yokohama Mayor is having her regular Wednesday press conference, but she has refused to let independent journalists including Yasumi Iwakami, who broke the news, attend the press conference. She only wants to deal with the "press club" members.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks Laprimavera for this info.

I do not understand why japanese in general love secretism and closing deals behind the table as a normal basis in any case.

They treat issues ignoring the public than no wonder the minority rules, with no mercy, over the majority with their conspiracies protocols...

Good example of this major and her "press club members only".
She probably thinks that Iwakami is a dangerous man, typical square head way of thinking coming from a diplomat who loves to play golf everyday with no risks...

Anonymous said...

Here is a very angry French man living in Japan speaking about Fukushima and the strontium situation.


Anonymous said...

" Thanks Laprimavera for this info.
I do not understand why japanese in general love secretism "...

Japanese !? They are bring led to slaughter, luckily there is one skf for those who want to know.

US, EU has only MSM-blindfolded cowards although rad situation is globally the same.

How long yall ppl are fooled? The sky is thick with Strontium, Cesium etc ... every country under the sky (or are u living in MARS?) is polluted, YOU are now breathing Fukushima particles (save havin filtered air).

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The posters to this blog are getting freakier by the day.

Anonymous said...

It's the same poster, the Artolubed guy. Nothing anybody says deters him.
He writes comments nobody understands in a language nobody understands, regardless of anyone--that's what the nukespore infection is making him do.

Anonymous said...

Its spores can enter into ant brains, ..

Yes...I think we are witnessing human infection. No need to open your TV-news to watch, as suggested. See evidence of it right here in the comment sections and definitely on the doods website.

Anonymous said...

hi ants up there. Cant go any higher?

andy206 said...

isn't there a computer game named nukespore?

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