Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#Radiation in Japan: A Shizuoka Tea Plantation Declares "Our Green Tea Is SAFE!" with 175 Bq/kg of Radioactive Cesium

Totally in line with the radioactive chestnut story from the yesterday's post, where a grocer uses a certificate of 44 becquerels/kg of cesium from the chestnuts as a sales promotional tool.

A tea plantation in Shizuoka proudly displays the certificate that says the tea from the plantation contains 175 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium, as the proof of safety.

Why safe? Because it is below the provisional "safety" limit set by the national government, of course. The tea plantation says their tea is also exported.

From the website of Ohkuraen tea plantation, which declares "Our green tea is SAFE!":

(H/T William Milberry)


Anonymous said...

How many cups of tea can you make with a kilo of tea?

netudiant said...

This firm, Ohkuraen, is the first to recognize that all of central Japan is permanently contaminated and that there is no clean food produced in Honshu any more.
So they are admitting that they are damaged, but much less than many others.
I expect this approach to find many followers. Indeed, one can envision a new factor in setting the grocery shopping list, setting up the maximum family dose for the day. Foreign vacations will take on a new gloss, as clean food and drink will be a luxury in Japan.

Anonymous said...

good question, 6:49 PM, but THERE IS NO SAFE DOSE AT ALL!!! every dose is a risk for lives. and any 'safety' limit accepts the deaths of some persons, the higher the more.

Anonymous said...

Living is a risk for lives, the question is how much and how much can be avoided.

Anonymous said...

At least these are hard cold numbers from a lab. I would applaud their proactive-ness and honesty. It is the correct trend. I'd much prefer these so one can make a comparative judgement, rather than the ambiguous "Lower than government limits" which itself has been inflated to cover someones rear ends.

Anonymous said...

This radioactive tea certificate is dated 24 June 2011.

It begs the question how often are companies going to test for radionuclides in their produce - every month? every week? every day?

Given that radionuclides have and continue to leach from the exploded nuclear plant every month, every week, every day since March?

And why only test for iodine, cesium - what about all the other radioactive contaminants?

What about strontium? No test for that?

Anonymous said...

"What about strontium? No test for that?
October 11, 2011 9:32 PM "

Likewise, buy a toyota: spare tire was iodine-tested, here's the certificate. Pls sit down on the strontium seat and drive... Remember to keep the certificate for the next inspection, wont pass without it.

At the AlGoReal emissions inspection: CO2 - life prerequisite is 0,0002ppm - while nonmeasured strontium Sr-90 234,000Bq/m3

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Tea has several harvest seasons, not continuous. As for strontium, there are only a handful of laboratories in Japan that can test for strontium and plutonium, and other more dangerous nuclides, I've been told. It costs a lot more to test strontium than to test cesium or iodine (more than 6 times more expensive).

Anonymous said...

Strontium - shhhhh...

Yall ppl cant have escaped the all relevant info - how - dangerous salt is for all humans. AlGoReal Enemy no.2 after CO2? It's a danger almost on par with the polar bear extinction (alas, via 10x multiplying last 50 yrs).

NOW. SALT. WARNING ... eh - the only deterrent agains Strontium Sr-90 depopulation agent - distributed globally myriad times. (Chernobyl; Yablokov al. Table 14.2)

All Sr-Salt INFO MUST BE HIDDEN : even minutest details clic on to the program.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Shizuoka Corp. had a grand idéé: surely this Certificate business has a shinin yakuzafuture.

Btw. Likewise I am a Professor of 'New Your Academy of Sciences'. almost. Likestupid: 'ey still wait for my 100$ payment, then they will send the Certificate...

Like CCCPutin friends made a bick buck from their irradiated champignons: Newsweek reported six ? yrs ago that all russki cars are going to be ABS-equipped starting Jan.1.200? ... And now they are. At least Certificate business is blossoming ... This state legislated business is called probushka-bizniz. Will Edano ever learn this?


" Hey, Incredible! Are they!? "

Yes, rest assured. Now. Inhale. No Iodine. Just Clean Strontium.

Anonymous said...

I'm with netudiant on this. This is very damaging, regardless of the actual doses being fatal or not.
Japanese are not used to being told they are being slowly poisoned. For most ordinary people the 'acceptable level' of becqs/kg is ZERO. Pretending anything else is bullshit.
Still the Japanese will take it the way they have ben programmed...shigata ga nai.
Until people work out that there is a 'shigata ga aru', Japan will be forever trapped and tethered to their vomit.

Anonymous said...

@OCTOBER 12, 2011 12:57 AM and @OCTOBER 12, 2011 4:13 AM,

Doooooooood, you need to learn not to smoke weed just before writing comments. This is a serious nuclear accident and you are making a mockery out of it with your garbled nonsensical and insufferable prose. Why don't you join some stoner forum where there are others like you who have also partaken of the weed and can understand your musings. Or, stop puffing, stay on here, and start writing in a way we can understand.

totown said...
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totown said...

Fsuuuuuh.......whoooooooo. Ahh, nice hit. Maybe you should take a hit yourself and get hip to what's being expressed here. Loosen up! Doooood made some very valid points and his prose was well taken and well written. So, what's your problem? Tell us where you got lost and maybe we can help you out. Oh, was it the Japanese he used that threw you off. Well, the phrase means..."It can't be helped." And then the reverse of the phrase means, "It can be helped." Now, go have a smoke and a smile and relax because you don't seem to know how you are being perceived by others.

Anonymous said...

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Otherwise no payday: Hillaryous Clintoneese poo poo troops get 2500$/mth for succesfull forum attacks; this poor dude will get 50$


jmdesp said...

If for most ordinary people the 'acceptable level' of becqs/kg is ZERO, then they will suffer a quick death from starving : there's NO food and NO water in the world that has a becqs/kg value of zero, there's radioactive Carbone 14 everywhere in the air we breath.

This value of 175 becquerels/Kg is very near the average value for Bananas which is 100/130 becquerels/Kg.

The producer is right, it's indeed perfectly safe, the more given than with 1Kg of tea you will prepare around 500 cups of tea, which means the level of one cup will be comparable to the one of most food we eat, not even to the one of the food that happens to have more like Bananas.

When will uninformed people stop posting nonsense comments here, and be able to focus on the serious business of the Fukushima disaster, instead of putting *everything* at the same level, displaying their ignorance ?

This is starting to look more similar to a witch trial at Salem than anything that still has some sanity.

Anonymous said...


Nuklube balooney.

World pop is being poisoned intentionally over and over again. ALL Based on the AlGoReal CO2 hoax emanating from the Club of Rome precepts from 1968 onwards, Bellaggio...

Info is plenty available, for the time being. This info is all the time less and less available - like in the CO2 hoax (now this life prerequisite from schoolbooks until 1995 - is poison. Just to sell this clean radiation...). There is a true program going on, assimilation has been wiped out from kids schoolbooks, globally. Watch how BBC Attenborough - now banned - told the CO2 issue in 1995.

CO2, David Attenborough 1995 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFjEW_HeNIE



Just one example:
..."In Western Germany, for instance, in 1962 the level for radioactive cesium was (in Bequerels per kilogram) 3.7; on 1 May 1987, 4; in 1989, 370 for milk and milk products and 600 for other food products; and from 1 January 1990, 1000 for milk and 1250 for other food products. In most of the importing countries the permitted levels are much lower. The Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka, for instance, have limits of 20 Bq/kg, wile Iran, Singapore, Burma and Borneo do not allow any radioactive contaminated imports at all. But one of the reasons that Western countries can claim that the products being exported are safe is simply because the levels of contamination of the food being exported falls within our own high limits. Yet, it cannot be said too many times: there is no safe radiation limit, every dose can cause cancer or genetic deformation...." year 1991.


Anonymous said...


Right. But you have to look at a little here in the tea, a little there in the beef, some more on your salad, in your kids school milk, a few droplets in your schoolyard, on your train commute, a tad in your daily ricebowl etcetera...
You get the picture, yes? This isn't isolated to just tea or your bananas example, it is cumulative. I wonder what the average daily dose really is for some people up there? Probably a lot higher than they would like to imagine...or their government admit. Ask yourself WHY is that?
The answer is that it is unacceptable to the majority-ESPECIALLY mothers.

Anonymous said...

" So, what's your problem? Tell us where you got lost and maybe we can help you out. Oh, was it the Japanese he used that threw you off. Well, the phrase means..."It can't be helped." And then the reverse of the phrase means, "It can be helped." Now, go have a smoke and a smile and relax because you don't seem to know how you are being perceived by others."

Maybe you should reread my post. I'm not referring to the blogger a.k.a. arevamirpal, I'm referring to the non Japanese commenter who continuously writes unintelligibly garbled stuff like he is on something. If he's got helpful information or just wants to make a point it would be nice if it could get understood. I'm not the only one complaining. He doesn't seem to get it. You don't seem to get it either, but I think your problem is temporary.

Anonymous said...

It's me again. Oh, I see, you mean the post below and not arevamirpal.
Well I most certainly was not addressing him either. Please note that my original post was addressing the stoner @OCTOBER 12, 2011 12:57 AM and @OCTOBER 12, 2011 4:13 AM.

"Until people work out that there is a 'shigata ga aru', Japan will be forever trapped and tethered to their vomit."

Anonymous said...

Kevin, c'mon...

Anonymous said...

Who's Kevin?

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