Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of the "Plutonium Brothers" Was a TEPCO Employee

Professor Hirotada Ohashi of Tokyo University, one of the three "Plutonium Brothers" who declared that the toxicity of plutonium was much exaggerated and it was safe even if some villains dumped plutonium in a reservoir for tap water and people drank that water, used to work for TEPCO before he became assistant professor at Tokyo University.

After he got his PhD in nuclear engineering from Tokyo University in 1980, he joined TEPCO and remained there until 1986, when he went to Tokyo University to become an assistant professor. (His short bio in Japanese, here.)

It all makes sense.


DD said...

It used not to make sense, a long time ago, when I went to University.

Some things have changed in the social psyche of the modern world, and not for the better.

It's like someone found the ON switch for large scale self destruction.

It bears repeating that a society that bases itself on deceit is not a sustainable society.

One aspect of deceit is the skimped maintenance that led directly to the Fuxu calamities.

Anonymous said...

It started almost a century ago.

When the industrial project began engineers built railroads and lightbulbs (see youtube vid: the lightbulb conspiracy) to last.

The idea was that machines would do our work. 100 years later they want us slaving away to replace the machines that don't last.

Anonymous said...

" One aspect of deceit is the skimped maintenance that led directly to the Fuxu calamities.
October 12, 2011 2:27 PM "

Deceit is the main op mode, 100% behind 500 G.E. doubledecker plutonium filled global beach bombs, fraud after fraud in every step. Intentionally internationally decade after decade. Seen in 512th NRC meeting ... the roots of future Fukushimas

Cons piracy? How could that be.

Anonymous said...

"It all makes sense."

Next, zoom out for a view of his network.
-- Next, peel off cover for a view of networks network.
-- -- How many levels until G.E. becomes visible?
-- -- -- How many layers to peel until gold teeth collector...

Anonymous said...

Watch the pea under the thimble. Drinking water with plutonium probably won't be that harmful if the quantity is small as it will probably go right through the digestive tract and be expelled. Breathing the dust, on the other hand, is probably not a good idea. Dumping plutonium in a reservoir for tap water would probably be mostly harmless, assuming that the reservoir water was treated first. Heavy metals are relatively easy to remove in the coagulation/sedimentation phase. The biggest problem are those isotopes that are highly soluble in water.

Anonymous said...


Water soluble. When non measured, non problem.

(?) Ohashi: "Natural, 'cause blanketing the globe."

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