Saturday, October 15, 2011

Strontium in Yokohama: Citizen Threatened for Breaking the News

He took down his blog overnight which had a ton of useful visual information regarding radiation contamination, and restricted access to tweets after he and his family were anonymously "threatened" after the disclosure of strontium discovery in Yokohama City.

He says, "The whole purpose of my studying the radiation and radiation contamination and sharing information has been to protect my family, especially our young daughter. There is no point in doing so if my family's safety is threatened because of it. Please understand."

Yes, it's so "yesterday's news", isn't it, when a citizen is threatened for breaking the news that part of his city has been heavily contaminated by the radioactive fallout from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant? Time to move on. If you don't see, don't say, don't hear anything, it doesn't exist.


Anonymous said...

This is typica of a facist regime.
Japan was allied with Hitler in WW2 right?
Maybe not much has changed?

Anonymous said...

Bullying in Japan is a chronic problem. At a school where I work there is a girl being harassed and the teachers are absolutely failing to stop it. Another student at the same school committed suicide this year. When you combine this with a culture that summed up by the Japanese saying "the nail that stands up gets hammered down", you get a hopeless situation...


Anonymous said...

This is closer to the plot of an Itami Juzo Yakuza flick than anything I can imagine.

But seriously, the Japanese ruling class and politicians have close ties to Yakuza mobsters. In the old days, the mobsters were used to intimidate "leftists" and other political deviants. Today the same methods are apparently being used to silence miscreant bloggers writing about radiation contamination which the criminal Japanese ruling class have inflicted on their nation.

Ex-SKF, 気をつけって下さい!

Anonymous said...

Threatened by who? Do you have more data?

Anonymous said...


Don't blame Hitler for WWII, the English, French, Americans and Jews were mainly to blame. Japan was emulating America's imperial project and got themselves in hot water. The conflagration was just as much USA's fault as it was their own foolishness.

As for the nuke history, see this:

Television, Anti-Communism, and the Import of the American Nuclear Energy Industry into Japan
The establishment of the nuclear power industry in Japan emerged from the same set of forces that were integral to the establishment and deployment of the Japanese television industry as a medium of American-led anti-communism. This convergence of factors, all taking their queues from the psychological warfare of the Cold War, has run through the history of the US-based and Japan-based megacorporations that have had a hand in designing, manufacturing and installing the industrial infrastructure of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Number One. Figuring prominently among these corporate entities are General Electric and Westinghouse as well as some of Japan’s Zaibatsu-based conglomerates, but especially Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi.

But yes, Japan is a Culture of Deception, no doubt about that. Deceiving others can then spread to self deception, and self destruction.
Maybe Japanese youth need to join the Occupy Something movement!

Anonymous said...

Apparently at the big anti nuke protest in Meiji Park a few weeks ago police arrested some of the activists. This is a typical tactic, police in Japan can arrest someone on trumped up charges and hold them for three weeks without a lawyer. What goes on during that time is psychological torture. I interviewed a young women several years ago who was arrested for protesting Ishihara's militarist policies. She was arrested on false pretenses with others, and held for three weeks and finally let go when the trumped up charge that the activists had occupied the train tracks was thrown out by the judge when the police had no evidence! Outrageous!

The tactic is to intimidate would be activists. David MacNeill who wrote the excellent article about Fukushiima has covered this issue. At Hosei university students were beaten by yakuza and then arrested by the police for starting the brawl! Again, intimidation in order to squelch rebellion. A DPJ politician was assassinated by the LDP (through a right wing executioner who sacrificed himself) because for ten years he had worked to uncover illegal use of tax money by the government used for shady construction deals.

And so it goes...

Anonymous said...

...prominently among these corporate entities are General Electric and Westinghouse as well as some of Japan’s Zaibatsu-based conglomerates, but especially Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi.... October 15, 2011 9:30 PM

These entities do what they are told. World's biggest shareholder is found in vat-i-can. These cath0lics control EU (100%) like US (6/9 top judges=cath0lics) via their jۤuit clan.

Publicly they have been preaching their overpopulation goal - to reduce 90% of useless mouths off the Globe.

more at

Anonymous said...

"Please understand."

I do understand, but not accept. This is the way cath0lic chorusboy Adolph gained total control with himmler the jۤuit. His buddy, the jۤuital schooled Stalin kept his power via folks bowing to intimidation. Also the powerpersons behind Pearl Harbor - all of them and every side - and the resulting war=robbery, were behind this scheme. What you see in your telly, is their escendants.

When/If you find facts and blog-shout-protest them, you will find out this intimidation via white pwder letters etcetc. But If you start to "understand" - you have entered Hitlers Forces... NON Acceptable. Let the assasins kill, never be an understanding part of it.

Rest assured, everyone opinionating in this forum will be attacked one way or another. Thats called LIFE.

More? Read E m 0 n d Paris's b00k centering on this issue, here.

Anonymous said...

last two entries from a troll freak....

Anonymous said...

the chief of the relevant department of Yokohama city “government”, Mr.Kuramochi stated:

“We already knew that we [would] find strontium where there is cesium. so we don’t really do anything special for strontium.”

Mr.Kuramochi says, “I heard they found strontium at 2,200 different locations in Fukushima, so it’s not surprising to find it in Yokohama.”

Do they plan on intimidating people into silence so they can rebuild their Chinese ghost cities?

Anonymous said...

"Do they plan on intimidating people into silence... October 16, 2011 6:30 AM "

The Plan is as huge as the Globe: above yall see one of the paid desperate clintonian poopers trying to earn living. No facts never, just personal sht gives these brainless ants out.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Fascism running Japan again, they love to point the finger at China but they are just as bad in Japan... the blog owner should just run his blog thru another country and make it anonymous ...fuck taking it down...keep the truth out there

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "keep the truth out there".

Given the Yakuza like modus operandi of the Japanese ruling class and politicians, it is safe to suppose that the threats were not made against the blog site itself; rather we can assume the threats were against the physical well being of the blogger and his or her family.

Viola said...

@ anon Oct.15, 9:30 PM

"Don't blame Hitler for WW II" ??? WTF???
Who invaded Poland? Who stepped into the entire continent?
Ah ok, the millions of jews who were killed in concentration camps are to blame for WW II?
That's just insane..

eCommerce Solution said...

Hoping you can have your blog back so that reading sensible articles will be back too.

Anonymous said...

This blog is censored.

Anonymous said...

which blog was this?
could someone post a link?

Thank you.

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