Thursday, May 28, 2015

OT: Kuchinoerabu-Jima off Kagoshima Blows

A tweet by @satake_take:

Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture is all cleared for the restart, sometime in July. No effect, no danger, of course.


Anonymous said...

If an big earth quack is going to happen in the region of the Sendai NPP, i'm quite sure it was for them unforseeable and out of the imagination... just keep smiling and everything will be OK

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Joffan said...

Kuchinoerabu-Jima is 150km from Sendai power plant. Zero threat is correct.

There are far closer volcanoes to Sendai NPP that are also not a threat, including Sakurajima.

netudiant said...

The issue is of course that we do not have adequate understanding of the timing or location of eruptions or earthquakes, so we rely on the historical record.
Fukushima proved that we forget/neglect events that happened even 1000 years ago. We ignore the likelihood of massive upheavals when it is convenient.
Japan has plenty of company in this, just look up Storegga Slide and compare the impact areas with Europe's existing nuclear power sites.
It is just that Japan is geologically more active that highlights the risk there.

Anonymous said...

Netudiant:'s just that Japan is intellectually more ignorant...


netudiant said...


Not sure where you are coming from.
Japan was simply following US and European practice in their plant siting decision. Just because they got hit first does not make them any less smart, just less lucky. At least they had the smarts to put Fukushima far away from Tokyo, while we in the US built the Indian Point reactors 30 miles upriver from NYC.

Anonymous said...

having 50+ nuclear power plants in a country with probably the most earth quakes in the world, lots of vulcanos, high risk of tsunami ( Japanese word by the way ) and typhoons on a regular basis, makes it very clear that you have to have major brain flaw to even think about nuclear power plants.. It has nothing to do with less lucky. Japan was just lucky until Fukushima...

Shanele Lacson said...

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