Monday, January 9, 2012

Dead Whale? Floating in Tokyo Bay

The Japan Coast Guard isn't sure what it is but it may be a whale. Mainichi Shinbun (1/10/2012) says it was found floating near the Aomi Container Wharf in Koto-ku. The wharf is right across from the landfill where the Tokyo Metropolitan government has been dumping the radioactive ashes from the incinerators and radioactive debris from Iwate and Miyagi. (No correlation expressed or implied.)

Some Japanese are getting nervous, not because of radiation but because the March 11, 2011 earthquake was preceded by beaching of whales.


farfromhome said...

And in the last week there were 70 pilot whales that beached themselves in NZ.....

Time will tell if there is an earthquake connection.

Anonymous said...

Guess the whale didn't think happy thoughts? Yes, we have every right to lampoon the ridiculous nuclear mafia. Gentlemen... You will not escape the scorn of historians or the wrath of your countrymen and women. You killed an ancient civilization in just 60 years. I hope your dying days are merciful even though you showed little mercy to your victims.


James said...

In New Zealand we get a lot of earthquakes, and a lot of whale stranding. However we get a lot more whale stranding than we do large damaging earthquakes. Last week's stranding was not out of the ordinary - pilot whales strand on that particular beach all the time and no one associates them with seismic activity.

That said, It is worth paying attention if the locals notice unusual wildlife activity - I heard somewhere that the Tohoku quake was proceeded by unusual oarfish strandings (リュウグウノツカイ) and that the locals had long associated them with earthquakes...

Anonymous said...

I live in Tasmania (Australia), we have had countless whales beaching themselves around the state. No earthquakes as of yet, pure broscience.

Anonymous said...

A beached whale. Perfect symbol of Japan in 2012.

They should make a fluffy toy mascot and call it 'Ishi' (ishihara). They could use it to try and get the next Olympics, paint it onto Shinkansens going to Fukushima and plaster it all over the new Boeings.

The sad thing is Japan did it to itself. It has beached itself.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Japan now. Though some think others should be punished for this-the true horror of this next part will stop the whole world.

Japan is about to become legend. A myth.

Japan will leave her eternal legacy by teaching everyone on the planet the true benefits of making wise,informed decisions. Hopefully people will create future technologies that will heal this broken world.

The whole world is about to be in tears.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

I am kind of getting ready to sing Mozart's "Requiem"... See my latest post:

SxPxK said...

Whether or not this whale is the premiss of another quake remain to be seen, but the Tokai Nankai megathrust threat is a reality. The authorities have contingency plans and presentation have been made in school as to how each exposed section of japan will be affected and how to react. My main concern is, did they change their contingency plans for the nuke plant along the coast line and the area that will be affected. I doubt!
Some of them are already in bad shape (that is according to nuclear standards if such a thing still exist).
Other whales have been spotted dead or still kicking but with ugly skin abnormalities, now that is a direct consequences of the last accident.

@Anon 2:04
The world will never stop, not on the count of a Genocide as it can be witness on a daily basis in Japan.
The human race DO NOT learn from past experience and on top of that a vast majority of persons have the Gold Fish syndrome or the Ostrich one. The rest will criticize you for voicing your deviant opinion because it disturb the peace of a few (1%).
According to your scenario, Japan will not leave her eternal legacy instead it will deliver an ugly mirror that no one will be please to look at it. and that the sad truth.
A corrupt government do not represent its constituents. The Japanese population is the victim of a few senseless bastards that find support in other gov around the world.
Now with the prospect of loosing their right to demonstrate in the street based on "fabricated rumor of an upcoming influenza", it is time for the rest of the world to wake up and take it to the streets. The pollution poisoning the japanese population is already knocking on your door. There is no talks about giving up Nuke energy or even making it safer (cold shutdown does not occur over night) for countries like Germany or Italy bragging they will give up Nuke energy, well yes they will stop producing it but not using it, so they'll turn to France to buy it from them, pushing France into its Nuke Madness and construct more of this shit! and then AREVA needs Japan to buy their MOX.
Wankers! thats all I gotta say.

Waiting for people to create technology to heal this broken world ain't gonna cut it! maybe as an individual you can become more efficient with the energy you use or produce. (don't get me wrong this comment ain't just for you but goes for all the Ostrich around the world)


Mary Ellen said...

Endgame. And how to bring the rotten giant down without getting crushed. It amazes me to this day how interested the US NRC was in getting Michio Kaku's presentation...but the utility stopped them, and I suspect the reason they wanted to hear his testimony was their hope for an alternative universe...where they could escape the nuclear and other technological fixes gone bad.

Anonymous said...

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